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Aug 2015 Senior Leadership

No description

Faith Dolliver

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Aug 2015 Senior Leadership

-Most engaged in Succession Planning / Mentoring

-Superior job on AR and EPIC

-Superior job on AlliantNet
August 27, 2015
2015: Strategic Planning
Succession Planning
Whole Foods Story
Ready, Set, Launch
Spotlight on Seattle

Roundtable Discussion Items
Annual Conference
Process Improvement will be revitalized
Professional Development
Learning paths project / Onboarding project
Retreat Idea
MD/SMD feedback from strategic planning
Goals as Leaders – feeling rewarded and happy
HR Roadmap – Systems
Operations Wiki
-Whole Foods
14 Total Profiles Completed

All Profiles Stored in UltiPro

Action item: Update your Profiles,
Provide a copy to your leader, and
send to fdolliver@alliant.com

Health and Productivity
Onboarding Champions by Design
-New Hire Champion Program
-Champions by Design
Several employees volunteered to help develop the program (they made this one of their 2015 incentive plan goals). The actual concept itself was introduced by 2 Account Executives (Kim Chawes who is a 10+ years employee and Hannah Buser who is new to the Seattle office). They shared valuable feedback on how we can make the onboarding process better than what we have currently.

Share one thing that you love about the people in your department.
Words @ Work
"Many of us have a misguided belief that how we behave today not only defines us but represents our fixed and constant selves... the "authentic" us ... FOREVER. If we change, we are somehow not being true to who we really are. This belief triggers stubbornness. We refuse to adapt our behavior to new situations because “it isn’t me.” ......When we put ourselves in a box marked “That’s not me,” we ensure that we’ll never get out of it."

Marshall Goldsmith, "Triggers"

Are The Practices Possible at Alliant?
-Implement patience, kindness, trust, unselfishness, truthfulness, forgiveness and dedication
-Lead by example
-Show passion
-Create an attractive place to work to attract and retain employees
-Maintain a balance of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
-Be authentic; hear the needs and feelings beneath words
-Be present; treat every employee like a VIP
-Engage employees on their input for decision-making
Benefits and Outcomes
-Increased profits
-Lower employee turnover
-Fewer accidents and used sick days
-Increased employee satisfaction rate

Next Phase:
September 2015 initiate next
wave of roll out by Practice Group
through WebEx training sessions
Roundtable Your Progress
Morale & Fun
Chair: Leslie Lightfoot
Budget: $225/year Coordinate healthy and fun opportunities that inspire and empower our employees to enjoy their work, their lives and themselves. This includes the oversight of birthday and service anniversaries. [CONNECTION & RECOGNITION]

Physical Well-Being
Chair: TBD
Budget: $225/year Coordinate and communicate opportunities for healthy living. This includes promotion of the Employee Wellness Program as well as coordination of activities that build healthy living skills and develop camaraderie while creating a healthy environment. [MEANING & CONNECTION]
Chair: TBD
Budget: $250/year Identify opportunities for our employees to serve the community. Recruit staff to participate and engage in philanthropic events. [CONNECTION & MEANING]
Chair: Julie Gutenplan
Budget: $425year Create a culture that supports work-life balance through the provision of special activities surrounding holidays or other special occasions. [CONNECTION & CELEBRATION]

DocStor - HR Paperless
Exploring New Modules
Comp & Benefits
Verifications of Employment
Succession Planning
M&A Solutions
Out of Cycle Merit / Promo Form
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