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Elements of a Persuasive Text

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Stephanie Stoyles

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Elements of a Persuasive Text

The Elements of Persuasive Text
Sample Organization
Thesis: This is a statement or sentence outlineing what you will be discussing in the text
Argument: Supporting ideas
and arguments

Evidence: Facts, examples,
statisatics and quotations
Closing by Return: Use the method used in your introduction again in your conclusion

Example: Repeat your thesis

Call for Action: Suggest a way for a reader to help or an action for them to change or do.
What is persuasive text?
These are texts where the author wants to change the readers mind about a subject
Examples of Persuasive Text
letters of complaint
Elements of Persuasive test
Persuasive Text begin with a clear
statement of thesis about the purpose
of the text
"In my opinion, Superman is
not nearly as brave as Batman"
Element: Supporting Ideas
Element: Thesis or Purpose Statement
For one thing, Superman has superpowers; he knows that if he needs to, he can defeat just about anyone or anything.
Element: Clear Organization
The structure of the text is built logically from one point to the next.

Most persuasive texts have introductions, bodies and conclusions
Element: Conclusion and Closing by Return
The conclusion repeats the main purpose of the text. It can also have a call to action

Clearly, Superman is not even half as courageous as Batman. So the next time someone tells you supermand is a fantastic hero, make sure you set that person straight!
Element: Transition Words
For one thing; clearly, because, however, therefore
There are words which show the reader the author is changing to a new idea. It also shows how the two ideas connect together,
The use of supporting ideas and arguments
The use of facts, examples or quotations
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