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L3 Business Y1 Business Resources Part 1

This Prezi covers the following areas: Human Resources and Recruitment; The Physical Resources of an Organisation and Technological Resources.

Mark Grant

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of L3 Business Y1 Business Resources Part 1

L3 Business Y1
Unit 2: Business Resources

Lesson 3
Human Resources 2
What general information needs to be
on each of the documents?
Lesson 3
Human Resources 2
What skills and qualities might the business want from the employee that may be specific to them?
analysis and evaluation of the different

Human Resources
What they do
Documents they produce
Key Factors
Discussion Points

employment documentation
How the vacancy is publicised
Job Description
Person Specification
Details For Applicant
employment document examples
how has reccruitment communication changed for businesses?
Traditional Methods
newspaper advert
word of mouth
paper cv
jobs fair
Lesson 3
Human Resources 2
Adequate resources
working capital
managing resources
what is the importance of effectively managing a business's resources?
Meeting changes in business
Co-ordinating team resources
Monitoring of team performance
Establishing professional culture
Providing incentives
Encouraging creativity
Outsourcing vs in-house
In groups of 4
Nike UK/ HSBC/ Tesco's/ WKC find out that they will need a new finance manager in 6 months.
What documents will the Human Resources department need to produce?
You need to get this is writing and
all agree!
You need to get this is writing and
all agree!
Compare and contrast skills and qualities required for different job roles

Contempory Methods
online advert
web advert (forwarded)
electronic cv
jobs noticeboard
what are the pros and cons of each of these?
the cost of employee turnover
employee turnover formulae
number of staff leaving
divided by
number of staff hired
Employee retention formulae
number of staff with a year or more service
divided by
number of staff 1 year ago
x 100
Employability Skills
what do you think are the most important
employability skills?
list them and give reasons why
Physical Resources
for organisations
These are important too!
they include:
buildings (and the spaces inside them)
their location, facilities such as toilets, kitchens
and lifts etc

With your partner spend half an hour checking
out and listing the physical resources here at WKC
take photos as evidence to show me after.
technological resources

these include
all software used
monitoring/security equipment

Why are these important to the

What would happen if they're not
looked after/ updated/ replaced?

Think about the effects on both
employees and customers
team work
previous experiennce
verbal communication skills
IT skills
presentation skills
CV writing
interview skills
personal presentation
positive attitude
ability/ desire to learn new skills
managing physical resources
legal aspects
numbers in the UK
need to consider
Human Resources: happy vs unhappy staff, costs to the business, legal issues
Physical Resources: costs to the business, health risks and performance/ reputation
Technological Resources: employee attitude, customer attitude and the costs to the business
managing technological resources
This depends on the sector
Are staff able to work effectively?
Do staff need more modern equipment?
Are industry standards being matched?
Are financial resources available?
Application form
Employment Contract
These are either
1) Published by the organisation
2) Completed by the applicant
How can a business ensure it's employing
the right person for a specific role?

Who would know what employability and
personal skills a candidate would have?

How can the HR department find out the
candidate has the qualities they need?

What might the problems be if the person
hired doesn't have these employability/
personality skills?
2013 spentt 10% of revenue on technology and content
1.49 Billion
Allows greater market share in future

Amazon's Swansea warehouse
the size of 11 football pitches
It has 8 in the UK
wants to double this number
in 2014-16
What benefits will this expansion bring Amazon?
Intellectual Resources

What do businesses do to keep the staff knowledge current and up to date?
These include staff knowledge and skills of staff
Books and training resources
At WKC there are staff training days
(Planning and development days)
These happen at the beginning of a term- Why not at the end of term?
What might happen if there were no training opportunities?
Who would suffer and how/why?
What else do businesses do to motivate and retain staff?
Pair work for prezi
Find an equivalent job role in
1) Private sector business (for profit)
2) Public sector business (council, government agency etc)
3) NGO (Charity)

What are the similarities and differences in their job descriptions, pay and conditions?

Individual work
Which sector offers the best deals? (in your opinion?)
What are the benefits to the individual employee of this?
What are the benefits to the organisation?
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