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The Desert biome

No description

Erica Lueken

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Desert biome

The endangered animals in most of the deserts are Ocelot, Kangaroo Rat, Gila Monster, Prairie Dog, and Peregrine are some of the few endangered animals.
Deserts the dead Biome
Desert Animals
Desert animals include the Rattle snake,
Gila monster, Rode runner, scorpion, toads,
spiders, owls, rabbit, leopard, Lama,
wolfs, hawks, vultures, horses, camels, and
The Sahara desert is located in the top cap of Africa. The great sandy desert is located in the left side of Australia. The Sonoran desert is located in button of California in the USA. The Gobi desert is located around the top side of china like a sandwich, Asia on top.
There are many desert like the Gobi,
The Great Sandy Desert, Sahara, Namib, Green
land, Kalahari, Arabian, Almeria, Kara-kum, Patagonia, Atacama, Sechura, Great basin,
chihuahua, Thar, Takla, and Antarctica.
Deserts exist for a very simple reason: lack of precipitation. There are blazing deserts, frigid deserts, polar deserts, windswept deserts, and even deserts engulfed in fog. Many deserts are covered in sandy dunes and devastating sand storms.
Endangered animals
Desert plants
Food Web
Cacti are on of the only plants you can find in blazing deserts and not many plants can grow in the desert for many reasons like the conditions are devastating also not many plants grow with out much water and many plants don't grow in sand a lot.
The food web starts with Desert plants like the cactus and flowers. The consumers or plant eaters eat the plants, then carnivores eat the plant eaters. Soon the carnivore dies decomposes and the body returns the nutrients to the soil.

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