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Main: Bio-Security for Aquaculture Facilities via Real UV Design

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Aran Lavi

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Main: Bio-Security for Aquaculture Facilities via Real UV Design

Atlantium Technologies
We've put your fish Bio-Security at the heart of our technology
Who are we?
Atlantium’s Hydro Optic Disinfection technology is based on an advanced new-generation of
Medium-Pressure High-Intensity UV lamps
that deliver consistent and accurate UV dose designed to guarantee aquaculture facility’s bio-security.
Atlantium Technologies is one of the only UV providers in the aquaculture industry that delivers a
third-party validation for 5-log germicidal reduction and 4-log virus reduction as per EPA criteria
(US Environmental Protection Agency) ensuring full compliance with the most stringent present and future regulations.
Field-proven, reliable disinfection solution to industry’s microbiological threats
With vast experience in the Chilean and Norwegian Salmon market, combating viruses, fungus, algae and a wide variety of bacteria, the Atlantium technology has
proven itself to provide effective and invaluable protection for fish producers.
Atlantium employs a state-of-the-art control and monitoring system which ensure that the information displayed on the control panel accurately conveys the actual operation conditions of the UV system, so users can be assured that
what they see is what they get!
IPN, ISA, PD, Moritella, Tenacibaculum , Saprolegnia, MNV, VNN, Vibrio, Francisella and many more
AquaChile, Chile
Aguas Claras, Chile
Aqua Farm, Chile
Astilleros Calbuco, La Peninsula, Chile
Camanchaca, Chile
CPF, Thailand
Kilic, Turkey
Grieg Sea Food, Norway
Insuina Pescanova, Spain
Cemaq, Norway
Cermaq, Canada
EWOS, Norway
EWOS, Chile
Leroy, Norway
Marine Harvest, Chile
Marine Harvest, Norway
Marine Harvest Canada
Marine Farm, Chile
Naviera El Navegante, Chile
Naviera Frasal, Chile
Naviera Montero
Naviera Patagonia, Chile
Naviera Ulloa, Chile
Norsk Marine Fisk, Norway
Palma Aquarium, Spain
Pinar, Turkey
RWS, Singapore
Salmar, Norway
Salmones Magallanes, Chile
Salmones Chaicas, Chile
Selonda, Greece
Smolten, Norway
Solvtrans, Chile

Our Markets
The Atlantium technology is applied as
primary disinfection barrier
eliminating the use of ozone or chemicals to provide controlled growth environment in the fish tanks.
Protect your fish
Comply with regulations
Intensive production of marine species inevitably leads to invasion and proliferation of harmful diseases into the growth environment.
Ensuring production bio-security is a crucial component to providing production stability.
The Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic technology is used as primary disinfection barrier for all intake water (“Firewall”).
The Atlantium Hydro-Optic Technolog is used both as a "Fire-Wall" for the make-up water and also on the re-circulation line to ensure the microbiological safety of all recirculating water for controlled growth environment.
Firewall: using the RZ300-series, Atlantium's flagship model, this is a "one-time-shot" design for a “Total-kill” which treats 100% of make-up water [sea or fresh water]
Re-circulating flow:Atlantium's latest RZB series for low-UVT water is design to create a controlled growth environment in the fish tank via constant disinfection of the facility closed, or semi-closed, loop
With ever-growing regulations on inlet and outlet water due to the gradual contamination of the ports and major sea-transportation hubs, your fish are exposed to a variety of threats while being transported to in-land or off-shore facilities.
A proven retrofit-friendly disinfection solution Fully complies with the most stringent regulations
truly committed to your fish welfare on-board.
Whether you are a boat owner, fish grower or a regulator, Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic technology enables you to sleep better at night.
Our unique control and monitoring system data-logs and generates detailed compliance reports of flow, water-quality and delivered dose throughout the entire voyage.
Global operations with industry's leaders
Water Bio-security improves yield, reduces production loss, reduces dependency in growth-hindering treatment
Complete modular structure of individual pipe and lamp sections allows for maximum design and installation flexibility. Flow and dose capacities can be increased by adding additional sections in-place without the need to replace the entire system.
Unique modular ballast unit for maximum design, installation and maintenance flexibility.
Simultaneous monitoring & recording in real time of mission-critical parameters including actual UV dose, UVT, water flow and lamp power.
Harnessing the advantages of Medium Pressure lamps while providing an innovative design which compensates for their disadvantages
Fiber-Optic and Hydraulic principles, applied to UV system design, change the way that UV is delivered
Lamp quartz sleeve
Quartz disinfection chamber surrounded by an air block
Traps germicidal UV light rays and reflects them back into the water
Creates longer light paths
(more inactivation opportunities per UV photon)
Medium Pressure High Intensity lamp
Total Internal Reflection
A dual sensors configuration--consisting of a dedicated sensors per lamp and an integrated UVT sensor-- enables accurate readings and automatic dose adjustment according to conditions in real time, for total reliability
Attacks microorganisms from all directions and distributes the UV dose uniformly
Disinfection Chamber quartz tubes
UV power efficiency

Unmatched performance
Compensating for MP lamps lower UV conversion rate
The RZ-series exhibits similar, if not lower, electrical consumption as conventional LP systems!
All HOD dose indications are EPA validated RED, UVSWIFT dose indications are DVGW validated RED [data taken from Trojan UVSWIFT brochure]
No "low-dose" tracks or escape routs

All micro-organisms crossing the disinfection chamber receive the required minimum dose for inactivation!
Only three types of internationally recognized UV validation protocols:
Your key to Bio-Security
Why a validated system?
Integrated UV Transmittance sensor
provides real-time and on-line water UVT indications
Only a third-party validated system provides you with RED:
[Minimum Dose]
If the system is not validated, then the indicated UV dose is an average dose!
RED ensures that each micro-organism which crosses the UV system receives the minimum required UV dose for its inactivation.
With average dose, you have no way of knowing what is the real disinfection performance of the UV system
Average UV dose does not provide average protection--it provides no protection at all!
Isolating valve
Isolating valve
Flow Meter
HOD Installation set-up
In this example, we have 2 different UV systems, both with 40mJ/cm2 average dose
When bio-security matters, always ask for official validation documentation
Third-party validation institute
Validation is done per system
But Actual disinfection performance is determined HERE: by their
Dose distribution of two UV systems provide average dose of 40mJ/cm2.

however the real performance of the red system is 18mJ/cm2 and of the blue system is 30mJ/cm2
...And only
can provide you with Bio-Security
Easy lamp replacement!
No quartz-sleeve replacement!
Conventional quartz-sleeve
Atlantium quartz-sleeve
What is Total Internal Reflection?
The Atlantium's TRAC software and computerized monitoring system
The Atlantium system feeds accurate information to the main controller via its dual sensor configuration and an external flow-metering devise
Premium controller provides user-friendly display of mission-critical information as well as complete configuration and set-up flexibility
Mission-critical information is constantly updated by real-time feeds from sensors
Restrict access to critical data and parameters by setting up an administrator's password
Set-up operation mode, configure system's alarms, and connection to peripheral components
Keep track on individual lamp performance
This presentation is too short!
we do not have time to go through all the amazing features of the TRAC software
Dedicated lamp status sensor
TRAC software via external PC connection
Keep track over time on key disinfection and operation parameters
Stay informed on system operation via a detailed events-log
Investigate system performance for "tailored-suite" maintenance
Control system via the internet from office or home
Generate compliance reports with a click of a button
Lamp info + control
Alarms and Connections
Critical operational info
Operational mode
Reports generation
same space more power!
Dual-sensor configuration maintained in RZB-series!
Simplified control option
Mainstream Dyping Hatchery, Norway
Moritella & Tenacibaculum protection
AquaChile, Rio Maullin, Chile
IPN protectin
Aquafarm, Frutillar, Chile
IPN protection
Mainstream, Boot Lagoon, Canada
Aeromonas protection
Tjeldbergodden, Norway
General protection
Grieg Seafood, Shetland, Scotland
IPN protection

Salmar, 600m3/hr
Re-circulation controlled growth environment
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