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SCSU Wales Short-Term Study Abroad - May/June 2016

A Prezi designed for students interested in participating in the short-term study abroad to Wales, UK during the May/June Summer Session 2016.

Gareth John

on 28 July 2017

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Transcript of SCSU Wales Short-Term Study Abroad - May/June 2016

An SCSU Short-Term Study Abroad
Do you enjoy exploring . . .?
Castles, Crags and Coastlines: Traveling in Wales
Snowdonia National Park
interesting architecture . . .
Dynamic European Cities
Hiking along beautiful coastal scenery?
Enchanting castles
Visit the Millennium Stadium
(face paint optional)
I'll take you all over the map!
Fascinating museums
Steam trains, for when you get tired
Take a tranquil canalboat ride

At $3,300 plus tuition (6 credits), this program is great value and includes the flight, accommodation, in-country travel, site visits,& most breakfasts (all but 6) for a tour that is over two-and-a-half weeks long (May 16-June 2).

The scenery and encounters with friendly people are complimentary!
Gareth John, SH 350
ph. 320 308.6143


Join the Facebook Group: SCSU Wales 2016

Apply Online at SCSU's Education Abroad Website
and a not-so-tranquil cruise on the Bristol Channel
Climb Wales's Highest Mountain
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