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Main Factors of lesson Plans Paper

No description

Keiwan Booker

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Main Factors of lesson Plans Paper

Main Factors of lesson Plans Paper
Lesson Planning and the differences between objectives
Lesson Planning
Observable Objectives
Measurable Objectives
Goal Objective
Reasoning for planning
Gain a sense of direction
Help students learn the content
Have a variety ways of teaching the content
Help teachers become decision makers
Make sure to meet state requirements
Help substitute teachers
Interact with the students
State Standards
Make sure students have gained the knowledge and understanding of each subject.
Be able to explain a problem and look for its solution.
Read for understanding and make logic inference from it
Be able to write effectively
Establish a culture that support learning
How students learn
Vision learners
Lecture learners
Be involved in activities
Teachers teach in many different strategies and methods to ensure all students are learning.
Meet requirements
Meet state test scores
Know the material that is being taught
Are students competent for their grade level
How students compare to other students in the same grade
Measurable objectives is a reflection of what students should know through test scores. Observable objectives is the teachers way of teaching in which students learn best. The goal is to ensure that all students meet the standards set forth by the state. Having a lesson plan helps teachers to implement the information students should know.
Main Factors of Lesson Plans Paper
Keiwan Booker
September 9, 2013
Nancy Bailey

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