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Elijah of Buxton Timeline

This is a timeline of the major points throughout the book

Priya Patel

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Elijah of Buxton Timeline

Elijah lives in Buxton, in modern day Ontario, Canada. He is 11 and he is the first free born kid ever born in Buxton. Buxton is a town that slaves can run away to and live in. Elijah's mother calls him fra-gile and Elijah thinks that he can do more that. His mother thinks he is fra-gile because he has never gone through the hardships of being in slavery. Elijah is outside as he chucks rocks and
is able to kill 10 fish with the rocks. The
Preacher takes advantage of this and
takes more fish than he is supposed to
get. The Preacher takes Elijah to a carnival
and almost even sells Elijah. Mrs. Holten receives news that her husband
was killed and the entire town was in sorrow.
She gives money that she was saving to free her
husband to Mr. Leroy, to free his family. The Preacher also takes advangtage of Mr. Leroy's kindness and says he can hire someone to free Mr.Leroy's family out of slavery Mr. Highgate, who went with the Preacher
returns and tells Mr. Leroy that the Preacher
stole the money and ran away. Mr. Highgate
had gotten shot by the Preacher. Mr. Leroy takes Elijah with him to find the Preacher and get his money back. Mr. Leroy, unexpectedly dies of some illness and Elijah is left on his own to find the Preacher. Elijah finds the Preacher hanged in a barn but he also finds other alive slaves. One mother urges him to take her child to freedom. Elijah returns to Buxton with a child and he freed a slave. Elijah feels no more like the fra-gile child his mother called him but someone who has gone through many obstacles. By:
Christopher Paul Curtis Elijah of Buxton
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