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No description

Aileen Delgado

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of ISIS

Orgins of ISIS

Islamic Extremist or Islamic Terrorist group
Fastest growing and richest terrorist group
Gains 2.5 million dollars a day from Oil and Human Trafficking
Follow after the Islamic Holy book The Quran
The Quran says to cut off heads and fingers of all non believers
Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"
Isis in America

Where ISIS exist
ISIS stared off as a mission of al queda to sprad control in iraq and syria.
isis was actually a branch of al queada.there mission was founded to create a hardline islamic state
the leader of isis also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
he was farmer that was caught in iraq for aiding al queda,he was held in custody but us troops in a detention facilities in iraq know as camp Bucca .
he was trained in camp bucca by other al queda members and later be came a follower of bin laden.
ISIS statistics
In Jan. 1st 2014 the number of civilians killed in Iraq 2014 were doubled to 17,000 killed due to the rise of ISIS.
Out of all terrorists groups ISIS has the most killings in the world today.
In January 2015 ISIS militants killed nearly 1,500 Syrians.
In Ethiopia ISIS militants were going around the city and were killing random jews and some gathered up and the amount that were killed were more than 100,000 christians in April of 2015.
isis is located between the two countries of syria iraq
althought isis claims to have extremist all over the world
religion & philosphy
Recent Attacks
United States point of view
ISIS Point of view

site page

U.S President Obama announced complementary measures to fight Isis.He has said that the U.S will expand the range of airstrikes from Iraq to Syria.

Obama also mentioned to compose an international coalition to contain the Islamic State’s expansion.The coalition will be made up of western allies including members of NATO
The U.S has also called on its allies to train Iraqi forces lend ammunition,weapons and information
They also have called on Kurdish army and “free Syrian army” to tighten its grip on its immigration control in order to prevent infiltration from Isis terrorists
The regional partners of the U.S have terminated funding for the Islamic State and to regulate immigration of native extremists from entering to Syria and Iraq or the Islamic State’s terrorists from entering the country and establish a terrorist branch
The United States will then dispatch additional 475 soldiers to Iraq where they will U.S institutions and citizens in Iraq
They will also direct the Iraqi army and Kurdish army in order to counter terrorists and hunt key operatives of Isis
Isis Advacement in Location
Wednesday February 25 of 2015, it is said that ISIS held 150 christian as hostages and threatened to kill them
Tuesday March 31 of 2015, over 40 people were slaughtered by the hands of ISIS and about 44 of the victims were said to be women and children
On more recent news, April 24 of 2015, there were 5 arrested at a school massacre killing 147 people
Isis has rapidly expanded its territory over Iraq and Syria by taking over cities, near major routes or critical infrastrucutres
Their goals are to take over infrastrucutres to take over the goverment, and to later make a profit out of the infrastrucutres
against Isis
According to the FbI Director James Comey, ISIS is present in all the 50 states
On May 4, 2015 two gunmen opened fire outside of an exibit in Texas
Minutes before the shooting the two gunmen posted on Twitter that they pledge to ISIS
ISIS has warned more attacks to come to the U.S., after claiming being responsible to the shooting in Texas
by Tony, Aileen, Marco, Nate, Cristo, Brando
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