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Extra Judicial Measures!

No description

Jerry Zhang

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Extra Judicial Measures!

Extra Judicial Measures! What In Lenin Christ Are They? Extra Judicial Measures is an awesome alternative to court proceedings, they deal with youth justice in Canada. Which is giving young offenders more lenient punishments for breaking the Criminal Code of Canada, like... You know its wrong to steal, so.... Uhh... shut up Already! I know whaT I diD and it was Wrong. Get Me my Laywer or I ain't talking A police warning Community Service Thank you Patrick for
completing your... Oh sweet freedom, here I come! Whats THe Point Of Extra
Judicial measures? According to the goverment of Canada it is the best way to deal with minor youth offences And stay down!... Its just a Chocolate Bar, a freaking Chocola... okay that slurpee too and maybe a few bags of Chips, but I swear thats all! Which seems a whole lot beter than how this South Pacific Nation dealt with youth crime Repairs the damage done to the victim and community You need to put that... Blah blah blah... stop talking so I can start working my way outa here It also saves a whole lot of time compaired to court proceedings The crown finds you guilty of.... You ain't got nothing on me When are they used? For minor infrations of justice, like... Theft 800 dollars? I don't have that kinda money! Wanna steal it? Graffiti Hehe... I'm so Kool So does the Crown always choose our punishment? No the police or crown may hold a confrence with you and/or your parents to choose your punishment So this is the Crime your son ... My kid would never do such a thing, so shut up and stop lieing I heard of extra judicial Sanctions before
so whats the differnce They are a more formal version of extra judicial measures You are given extra judicial sanction... Danm community service... jail seems more fun If you complete the program given by the extra judicial measures than charges won't be pursued Awesome I learned something today!
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