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Doctors without Borders

No description

Abrar K.

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders
Medecins San Frontieres

Who they are and the Objective
How Doctors Without Borders have Influenced Government
Despite being completely independent from a country's government, MSF has stood up to many political issues when they deemed it necessary
The following are a list of examples when Doctors without Borders tried to influence different governments:
1995, Doctors without Borders spoke out against the Ethiopian government when they failed to aid in the well - being of approximately over 400 000 citizens due to an on-going war at the borders (Ethiopia)
A civil war in Rwanda known as "Rwandan Genocide" had killed over 800 000 citizens (United Human Rights Council)
Doctors without Borders called out for international military assistance but other countries refused to acknowledge what was occurring until after hundreds of thousands were killed (United Human Rights Council)
Where is Doctors without Borders Active?
Doctors without Borders is active and provides medical care to over 80 different countries (Where we Work)
MSF works in a variety of different locations
areas such as:
war torn regions
natural disaster stricken areas
developing nations
assistance in the welfare of refugees and displaced people (Where we Work)
Doctors without Borders (or MSF) is a non - governmental organization that has worked for over 40 years to alleviate poor health care in developing nations and to provide health care to areas that have been stricken by war, disaster, and poverty (about MSF)
They perform these actions with a non-biased motto and try their best to make sure all those that need it, receive adequate health care and medical attention
Emergency health care, drug and vaccine distribution, and relief efforts and rehabilitation of the regions medical systems (About MSF)
They are renowned for the quick response time and thorough knowledge of the medical field and disaster relief (About MSF)
They work by their own Charter known as the MSF Charter (MSF Charter)
The MSF Charter
Much like a government, MSF has its own Charter with 4 main principles:
provide aid and assistance to those in distress while being impartial to race, religion, culture, and political convictions (MSF Charter)
The MSF organization is neutral and impartial
Members respect professional code of ethics and remain independent from all other organizations, including the government (MSF Charter
members understand the risks and dangers of becoming an MSF doctor and working across borders (MSF Charter)
Relation to the Canadian Charter
of Rights and Freedoms
The MSF Charter relates greatly to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 15, subsection 1: "Equality Rights" (Section 15 - Equality Rights)
Both state that no discrimination of race, culture, religion, or ethnic origin may take place
this so that all people may receive medical treatment and resources such as fresh drinking water despite their origin or beliefs
History and Establishment
Doctors without Borders was established in 1971 in Biafra, a southern state in Nigeria, by a group of doctors from France (About MSF)
The french name for Doctors without Borders is called Medecins Sans Frontieres (About MSF)
When they had returned to France, they all had the same idea: how could they help to improve the medical situation in developing nations (About MSF)
They wanted to do this while being independent from all governmental, religious, or private companies (About MSF)
Since the development of this NGO, Doctors without Borders now provides medical care to over 80 countries worldwide (About MSF)
When doctors without borders is sent to a region to aid in medical services, they use different methods called: "Projects"
There are over ten different projects that Doctors without Borders does to rehabilitate a region (What we do)
Massive Vaccination Campaigns
When many people that live close together cannot perform proper hygiene, diseases can spread very quickly
Another way is when one person has a contagious disease it can spread extremely quickly and when developing nations cannot receive proper medical care, these diseases such as malaria or the measles can wipe out villages
Doctors without Borders works to prevent those situations by making sure as many people can receive free vaccinations to stop a possible pandemic (What we do)
Food Distribution
in countries with extreme poverty, torn by war, or hit by a natural disaster, malnutrition is common
Doctors without Borders sets up "Feeding Centres" to provide food to people that could not normally receive it or are refugees (What we do)
Water Sanitation Projects
Doctors without Borders also works by setting up clean drinking water areas and public bathrooms (What we do)
They do this to ensure proper hygiene and clean drinking water to prevent future epidemics (What we do)

How Doctors without Borders Displays Positive Citizenship
Doctors without Borders follows the laws of the country they are active in even if they do not work with the government (About MSF)
They respect the needs of others and helps others by providing medical care, food and water distribution, and future epidemic prevention (About MSF
Show no discrimination to others beliefs, culture, sex, or race (About MSF)
They respect the environment and well being of structures when working on construction projects such as drinking wells and only build on land that the government allows them to work on (About MSF
These traits led them to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)
How you can get Involved
Unless you are doctor that is willing to sign - up, the best way to contribute is through donations to the organization
Since Doctors without Borders is an NGO, one of their major sources of funds is through donations
if you go to their site you can donate there
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