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The Wife Of Bath

Wife Of Bath Prolouge

Gabriela Garcia

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of The Wife Of Bath

by Gabriela Garcia The Wife of Bath Characterization "Her kerchiefs were of finest weave and ground; I dare swear that they weighed a full ten pound." (Chaucer line 9)
Chaucer explains the weight of her clothing, letting us know that she wears any exaggerated amount of clothes to show off her wealth. "With five churched husbands bringing joy and strife" (Chaucer line 16)
This line tells us that she has been with many man, not for love, but for money. Modern Equivalent The Wife of Bath is the equivalent of a modern day house wife. She is the typical woman who marries for money instead of love.
No education or training is required. Role In Medieval Society The wife is a professional cloth maker. She is a liberal female in the medieval times. She is not the stereotypical woman of her time who remained obedient or anonymous. The Wife does not possess the qualities of a proper lady. She is not educated or even religious. She is more interested in love than homemaking. She is dishonest and uses her sexuality as tool to get what she wants. In all her marriages, she believed she was in control, which wasn't acceptable in those times. The Wife goes entirely against the role woman were suppose to play in a medieval society. bibliography "Bold was her face, and fair, and red of hue." (Chaucer line 14)
The Wife of Bath is described as a beautiful woman with a light complexion and rosy cheeks. Appearance "Gap-toothed was she, it is no lie to say." (Chaucer line 24)
During the fourteenth century, being gap-toothed was a sign of sensuality and lust. Her features are sexually suggestive. Her hose were of the choicest scarlet red" (Chaucer line 12)
In medieval times, wearing bright colors was a sign of wealth and power. Characterization Indirect "Three times she'd journeyed to Jerusalem;
and many a foreign stream she'd had to stem" (Chaucer line 19)
Chaucer is telling the reader that although the Wife may seem religious, her intentions are bad. She goes on pilgrimages in search for men. "The remedies of love she knew, perchance, for of that art she's learned the old, old dance." (Chaucer line 31)
We can infer that she is experienced in relationships.She is characterized as knowing a lot about men. "Canterbury Tales Characters." HubPages. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2013. <http://habee.hubpages.com/hub/Canterbury-Tales-Characters>.
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