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DIC E-Learning Modules Prezi

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Jayati Monga

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of DIC E-Learning Modules Prezi

DIC E-Learning Modules How Classroom learning requires logistical cost attached with booking of the room, travel, etc. Classroom requires trainer and trainee to be present each time real time Disadvantages of Classroom Training Voice over in English and Chinese, make its easy for local as well as global audience to comprehend the course DIC modules are available 24/7 on an online link. Trainee can do the course anytime What value can my unit get from creating DIC Modules? Why DIC E-Learning Modules? DIC modules reduces cost: logistical and manpower cost DIC modules are geography agnostic Being online in nature, the trainee can be from any part of the world and still can connect and benefit from the online training DIC modules increases cognition and learning because of enhanced animation and voiceovers. Why??? DIC module has live interactive content and which cannot be matched by regular PPT content Modules have quizzes, which keeps the trainee alert and tests the competence DIC modules provide support content like glossary World is moving towards E-learning – it’s the way to learn ! Entire world is moving towards E-learning content and initiatives like DIC Module is the way to go !! creation ? to proceed with DIC module Provide your content in a easy PPT format. You may use your existing .ppt slides Certain animations are not possible to do in a regular PPT. DIC module’s visualization takes the course experience to next level Powerful visualization explain the concept for a longer recall Content provider needs to invest in content creation just once, using an easy to use PPT format Once created the module, it can be used perpetually That’s it. Its as simple. In slide notes, provide the transcript text. English Transcript Chinese Transcript How to create??? DIC module creation is one time investment that gives perpetual returns
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