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Archetypes of Peter Pan

No description

Lillian Zhang

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Archetypes of Peter Pan

Situation Archetypes
The Unhealable Wound
When fighting with Peter Pan, Captain Hook lost his hand to a crocodile. As a result, the crocodile constantly pursues Hook throughout the movie in hopes of eating the rest of him. Hook lives in constant fear of hearing the "tick-tocking" sound of the clock from the crocodile and takes desperate measures to avoid it.
When Wendy, John, and Michael leave their home with Peter Pan, the main method of transportation becomes flying through the air. In the movie, air represents activity, freedom, and movement. This archetype is also reflected in Peter Pan's free-spirited personality.
Symbolic Archetypes
1) Air
Character Archetypes
1) The Hero
2)The Innocents
3)Loyal Retainer
Archetypes of
Lillian Zhang
1) Battle Between Good and Evil/Quest for Revenge
2) The Unhealable Wound
The Hero
The Innocents
John, Michael, and Wendy, like many children, live sheltered lives in their home, dream about fairy tales, and only see the fun adventure in stories like the story of Captain Hook. When they go with Peter Pan to Neverland, they are able to experience the real journey along with its risks.
The Loyal Retainer
Battle Between Good and Evil/Quest for Revenge
In the movie, Captain Hook and Peter Pan are the opposing forces. Pan represents the good while Hook represents the bad. This is because Hook is bent on getting revenge for his hand and causes a lot of trouble in Neverland through his attempts. In addition, Captain Hook is a pirate and carries a negative connotation through the characteristics of the other pirates. Peter Pan, on the other hand, brings order and joy to the island.
Tinkerbell is a fairy that follows and protects Peter - the Hero of the movie. Even though Tinkerbell was banished by Peter, she still looks out for him and helps him protect others.
Tinkerbell telling Peter that the gift is a bomb from Hook.
Peter Pan represents the Hero in the movie due to the fact that he is the one that restores order in Neverland by defeating Hook and driving away Hook's pirate crew.
The Mother
Wendy, as someone who takes care of the other characters, represents the Mother. Wendy acts as a mother through telling stories, singing lullabies, and providing guidance to her brothers and the Lost Boys.
The End
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