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International Sign

No description

Yiming Wang

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of International Sign

Our Mission
International Sign Awareness

Community Activities Program
The goal of community awareness is to increase the community’s knowledge of the available programs and services offered. This is accomplished by informing the general public through various activities.

Our community activities are targeted to include under served communities and diverse populations. The community awareness activities link our goal.

Community networking promotes community awareness of program services and availability by networking with professionals and leaders in the Deaf community.
Setting up events at the school
What is the money for?
Teaching/Research Materials
Deaf Rights
Workshops for Different Groups.
International Sign
Connecting to Deaf people around the globe through communication
Gathering information about worldwide deaf people
After School Program: Deaf School/Program
Teaching International Sign
Teaching about other Deaf cultures/communities
Becoming comfortable with travel
Creating workshops/events
Community Projects to spread awareness
Who is this for?
Students at the school or their parents
Community members can participate for a small fee.
Sign languages aren't universal
helps bridge the communication gap between Deaf people
Regionally-based signs not enough.
Before moving to cities and establishment of deaf schools, there was no full-fledged sign language.
International Sign (IS):
- Deaf and Hard of Hearing
- Hearing people
- Interpreters
"Aristotle believed that speech was the basis of...thought."
Deaf kept from developing effective communication.
By setting up an
program, Deaf individuals can go beyond non-verbal communication internationally.

Workshops for Different Purposes
- Learning about small communities and social action to help underprivileged people
- Provide programs and services:
e.g. Lhasa, China: Interview with Deaf Tibetans
- Promoting and improving deaf community
- Connecting people: culture exchange and understanding deaf community
- Teaching deaf people International sign language
- Storytelling in international sign language
An invented sign system created in 1973 that is a blend of different sign languages, but mostly ASL and BSL. It was originally discussed in 1951 by the World Congress of the World Federation for the Deaf. It generally should not be called a language because it has no native speakers and no consistent grammar. It is, however, a lingua franca for Deaf people, meaning they can communicate with each other even being from different areas of the world. It is often the communication used in worldwide deaf events. You may often see IS called "gestuno."
Moody, B. (2002). International sign: A practitioner’s perspective. Journal of Interpretation.
The following activities programs are offered in person.
Deaf Women of Color
Sign Languages activities program
D-Deaf Professional Arts Network
Network with Deaf Artists all over the world
Doncaster Deaf Trust, International Sign Language Trip
Deaf Nation Expo
International events (e.g. Deaflympics and World Deaf Basketball Championships)
“No Barriers with Joel Barish”
Deaf Japan
Offers Japanese Sign Language classes
Events-based Japanese Deaf Culture

Activities Program
This would simultaneously teach the rest of the school and raise money for the program
Setting up events in the community
Getting sponsors
Giving the students practice with interacting with people outside of the school environment
Books, technology, teachers, guest speakers, food

Filming projects for connectivity around the world
Advertising posters

Potentially getting to go to another country and practice using IS
Getting to know Deaf people across the globe
Exposed to different cultures
That Deaf Guy Cartoon
Provides variety of insights from multiple perspectives including a Deaf person, hearing interpreter, and CODA.
Deaf Video TV on Facebook
a social network that focuses on ASL videos created by Deaf people
Deaf TV Facebook Group
Deaf TV runs the movie clips in YouTube
A way to spread information out to Deaf people in the world
A group of supporting deaf internationals living in the US
Deaf Travel
A community of people traveling internationally who themselves are deaf or people who want to outreach to other deaf people.

Network communities programs
Most Deaf people around the world do not have access to the news. This site broadcasts current events in IS.
Where to attend Workshops?
Currently fighting for language rights
- Deaf Organizations
Deaf Woman of Color
National Association of the Deaf
World Association of Sign language interpreters
World Federation of the Deaf
European Union of the Deaf
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: A parent's guide to hearing loss
Fought to get access to the Quran
Religious Freedom
Uniting Deaf Muslims around the world
International Advocacy groups
World Federation of the Deaf
Maintains list of policy papers regarding deaf rights and access
Target audience is for those in developing countries who may not have equal opportunities
Quota International
International organization establishing networks of service & friendships for D/HH people.
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
Manages the Deaflympics and promotes friendly competition globally for deaf individuals.
Finnish Virtual Sign Language
Deaf Travel (2006). Retrieved from http://www.deaftravel.co.uk/signlanguage.php
DeafSign World (2013). Retrieved from
Participants can know how International Sign was conceived (on page 88).
WFD in SPain
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