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Rebecca Sugar

No description

Amel Wied

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Rebecca Sugar

Her brother had helped her pursue her dream, and cheered her on everyday, telling her that she would do great. So she created many short comics and films in her spare time and for schoolwork, to add to her portfolio to increase chances of getting hired.
She could see that people who make cartoons are people who conceptualize whole comics, whole films, and a bunch of other things, she made it her goal to write and draw consistently, so when an opportunity arises, she could be able to do it. So she put the work and effort in everyday, by going to several different schools, and eventually was hired to work on Adventure Time during season 1.

Rebecca Sugar
Creator of Steven Universe and Adventure Time story boarder.
Rebecca Sugar was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, on July 9th, 1987. She went to both Montgomery Blair High and the Visual Arts Center at Einstein High at her birth city. Later on, she went to New York to attend the School of Visual Arts.
She has a great relationship with her brother, and has based the main character of her cartoon, Steven Universe, off of him. He works as a background artist on the show, as well.
When they were young, they would
collaborate with friends to create
many comics.
Rebecca's first animation-related job was working as a storyboard revisionist on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time mid-2010. She got along really well with everyone in the studio and had a great reputation, which really helped her out in the long run and showed many other animation studios what a great worker she is. So because of that, in season 2 she was promoted to storyboard artist, and later helped write scripts and songs until March 2013.
Rebecca Sugar's career peaked when she had the opportunity to start Steven Universe. She is the first female cartoon creator for Cartoon Network. She juggled working on both cartoons, until it proved to be too difficult to do both, and so she quit Adventure Time to work full time on her own cartoon.
The average salary for Rebecca Sugar's jobs at Cartoon Network (CN) workers are as follows.
Producer is between $45k and $65k.
Project manager is between $66k and $83k.
Associate Producer is between $50k and $61k.
Animator is between $68k and $74k.
Writer is between $56k and $61k.
Story Artist is between $89k and $96k.

Rebecca Sugar really inspires me to
follow my dreams. She says in an article,
“Don’t wait to get permission, and don’t worry about it not being good,” says Sugar, her voice gathering with conviction. “ . . . Make it as good as you can and keep moving on. Don’t be afraid to make stuff now. You have to start immediately.”

That really hit something inside of me. I've been wanting to try animation for quite some time, but this really gave me a nice shove in the right direction. She shows great perseverance, communication with others, time management, and awesome skills for the career she is pursuing. It makes me want to try even harder to get the perfect style for comic making and
creating storyboards.
Hometown and Family
Climbing to her Career
Working at her Dream Job
Course Relations
Income and Salary
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