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Career Project on Graphic Designing

No description

mikala morgan

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Career Project on Graphic Designing


~Perks and Benefits~
~Mikala Morgan~
~Graphic Designer~
Graphic designers need a plan to earn a bachelors degree(although a associates degree would count as well).
Some bachelors programs offer principles of design, studio art, commercial graphic production, and website designing.
Associates degree focus more on the technical work of graphic design, with few liberal art courses.
Creating design solutions.
Develop creative ideas and concepts.
Choosing appropriate media and style.
Meeting clients or accounts managers to discuss the business objectives.
Presenting finalized ideas to clients.
Working as part of a team with printers, photographers stylists, illustrators, other designers, etc.
December 17 -January 8
Class -3
Graphic designing is often used as an art of communication,stylizing,and problem solving through the use of: type,space,and image.
Graphic Designers use various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images.
Common uses of graphic designing are; print advertising, billboards, website graphics, signs, product advertising.
Graphic Designer
Book Designing
Advanced Graphic Design
Digital Media

Gives you a stable income.
Easy to get into.
Job stability.
Few expenses.
Easy online marketing.
Helps build social skills.
Salary levels for the occupation depends upon where and
for whom a designer works for.
Average salary: Between $23,870 - $57,374
Industry salary: (Motion Picture/Video)-$64,710-$74,030 (Newspaper/Book Designer/Directory Publisher)-$41,600 (Advertising/Public Relations)-$48,085
Geography: (New York/Chicago)-$68,837-$75,780 (Miami)-$48,210 (California/Connecticut)-$55,780-$57,180 (Utah)-$42,550 (Columbia)-$68,110 (North Carolina)-$43,550-$51,000
Graphic Designer
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(galaxy supernova)

graphic design tutorial

Work at Home
Teaching in a classroom
Working in an office
Working at a specific company
work in your own studio

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~Experience/Skills Needed~
(Girls Generation)
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