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Dieonzea Robinson

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Side Bet
Author: Will F. Jenkins
Typed by: Dieonzea Robinson

Early on a bright sunny morning, a man was sailing his boat out on the beautiful blue ocean.
Inciting Incident
The inciting conflict was when a man had came across a rat then there was a contest between the two to see who can outlast who in a fight for survival .
Central Conflict
The central conflict of the story was when a man was sailing on his boat on the ocean and suddenly his boat sank and he found himself stranded on an Island along with a rat.
While both the rat and the man were fighting for their lives suddenly out of nowhere a boat just so happen to be passing through the Island. The men on the boat had saw the man's hand moving and the sailors manured their boat to the island in order to rescue the man and the rat .
The theme of this story is Survival of the fittest.
The protagonist of the story is unknown, but he has a major role of the story. The antagonist is nothing but a rat and it also has a major role in the story. The plot of the story was about both a man and a rat were fighting for their lives to see who is the better survivor.
The mood of the story is calm and silent. The ocean was very peaceful and beautiful, extremely exciting.
While on the Island the man was almost at his wits end and he was just about to give up all hope of survival. Until he came across different materials on the Island to make a raft to get home.
After a failed attempt to leave the Island the man had came across a few sea biscuits. He packed them all in a little sack then he eats a few daliy and later he decides try to get rid of the competiton of the rat by leaving a trail of biscuit crumbs in order to rid of it.
Falling Action
Somehow the rat is still alive , so the rat and the man were still struggling to see who can stay in the game the longest, but that title is easing it way towards the rat. Because the rat had climbed its way up a large rock to get the left over sea biscuits.
Rising Action & Climax
As time goes on they both are standing on their last leg. Because both the rat and the man were dying of thirst and hunger.
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