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Bread Toys

Third Assignment

Susana Colmenares

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Bread Toys

Bread Toys Little Picasso Little Monet´s eatable Inks Set Little Botero What's in the box When a baby plays with his food is doing a lot more than a mess. He's learning and discovering. To eat is a multisensory experience and to encourage food play is just a part of embracing new flavors and textures. It's a set of eatable sugar free inks that will allow your kids to paint on their favorites slice of bread and learn about monet's work in a fun and yummy way... - 2 Big round loaf of bread
- 2 Medium round loaf of bread
- 4 mini slices of bread
- 2 flavors jam for paint
- 1 paintbrush Since we're kids bread is present in our diet. How many children have we seen eating/chewing non stop a piece of bread? It's the kind of food that doesn't need to be cut in tiny little pieces, you can spread on it, to dip it, to wrap it...
and to paint it. Choose your favorite type of bread What's in the box - 1 set of 6 sugar free eatable inks
- 2 Medium slices of bread
- 2 Monet Paints Card* Little Botero's set includes differents shapes and sizes of bread to make a Botero's style sculpture. Also, includes jams for paint each sculpture. Fernando Botero is Colombian figurative artist. His works feature a figurative style, which gives them an unmistakable identity. Botero depicts people, daily life, historical events, animals and others with exaggerated and disproportionate volumetry. *There are different types of monet art work card per each box, to collect all the cards buy every time you visit one of the the Bread toys' authorized seller Let your child discover the world of flavors and feed the artist inside of him with Step 1 Bread Toys How to Use... Choose your Monet's art work card Step 2 Step 3 Star to paint on the slices of bread and try to emulate monet's art work Step 4 A reinterpretation of the cubism's master with playful forms and yummy flavors Enjoy your creation! - 1 set of 6 sugar free fruit jams, and sauces.
- 15 pieces of bread in different forms
- A canvas's shaped tray what's in the box: Dip the bread in the
eatable paints Step 1 Display the pieces on the tray Step 2 Step 3 Create your own eatable cubism masterpiece! Step 1 How to use... Put your pieces of bread together, forming the figure you want, and using the volumetric Botero´s style Step 2 Use the paintbrush and the jam to join the bread pieces Step 3 Decorate your piece with the jam and add final details to your work Step 4 Enjoy and admire your masterpiece. Take a picture and... eat it! Where to buy Bread Toys? You can find any of Bread Toys in this stores: Scan this QR Code to enter the Bread Toys Website and find more information or download additional content for your kid's pieces of art Fun is not over yet... Upload a picture of your kid's bread arts and you can win fun prizes! Just a final advice! Don't eat your Art Piece before finish it! How to use... A canvas's shaped tray will be the area where your baby will become "Little Picasso", a set that also includes different shapes and sizes of white bread and colorful eatable paints. play! Thank you! By Susana Colmenares, Luis Ignacio Crespo, Stefania Straga and Ammar Pervaiz
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