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Queen Elizabeth I's accomplishments

No description

Josue Fernandez

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I's accomplishments

Queen Elizabeth I and her accomplishments
Destroyed invading Spanish
When invading spanish armies, sent by Philip II, threatened England in 1588, Queen Elizabeth stepped up. Under her leadership, the English navy defeated the spanish armada, with a little help from the weather, and preserved peace.
Was loved and adored,
During her reign, she accomplished so much, and kept England safe. As a result, her citizens adored her. Many previous kings and queens had been forgotten or hated by their country, but Elizabeth was remembered because of her inspiring actions.
Encouraged exploration
Queen Elizabeth approved exploration across the ocean. She encouraged Sir Walter Raleigh to send settlers to the New World, setting up what would become the United States of America. She also sponsored Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation around the world.
Increased English literature
During her reign, England saw increased literacy and attention in the arts. One very famous writer, William Shakespeare, wrote during her era. Another, called Edmund Spenser, composed a poem called "The Faerie Queen" who's model was the queen herself!
Ended a war

After Mary I plunged England into wars with France and Scotland , Queen Elizabeth I found peace with the country. She did so as soon as possible, and stayed out of costly wars in the process.
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