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Henry Parkes

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Henry Parkes

Henry Parkes
Edmund Barton
They were both politicians.
Henry Parkes was born in England in 1815, and then migrated to New South Wales, Australia, at the age of 24 (in 1839.)
Both Parkes and Barton were enthusiastic about Federation.
Edmund Barton was born in Sydney in 1849.
Parkes first major political interest was to stop convicts being transported to Australia from England
They were both part of the New South Wales parliament.
Barton attended numerable conventions and conferences on Federation that were on throughout the 1890's.
Parkes showed little interest in federation until 1888, which was the New South Wales centenary.
Parkes was elected premier of New South Wales five times.
After this speech, Parkes became interested in Federation and helped to arrange the conventions and conferences that saw the constitution drafted.
In Parkes' later years he saw people, like Edmund Barton, as a rival and contributed less.
Five years before Federation Parkes passed away, but his contributions were not forgotten.
Barton helped to write the new constitution.
Barton's negotiating skills were considerably good, and saw that the constitution was agreeable in every colony.
Barton travelled through New South Wales encouraging Federation amongst the people
Barton helped to edit the constitution later in the 1890's.
In 1901 Barton was selected the first prime minister.
Barton died in 1920.
They both contributed to the making of the new constitution.
They both played an important part in making Federation happen.
1815- Henry Parkes was born in England.
1901- Federation occurred.
1839- Parkes migrated to New South Wales.
1849- Edmund Barton was born in Sydney
1858- Parkes became a member of the New South Wales parliament.
1879- Barton became a member of the New South Wales parliament.
1896- Parkes died.
1901- Barton was elected Prime Minister.
1903- Barton resigned as Prime Minister.
Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton made a large contribution to Federation, and were convinced that Federation would be a good change to make in Australia.Though they were born, and died, in different years, they both contributed to making Australia a nation.

Henry Parkes was elected premier five times in a row. Though he wasnt very interested in Federation when he was younger, that didn't stop him from changing his point of view and gave a number of speeches to support Federation. Parkes tried to make enthusiasm amongst the people each and every time he gave a speech to support Federation.

Edmund Barton was elected the first Prime Minister of Australia.Barton went to many conventions and conferences to show support for for the idea of Federation. He helped to draft the new constitution and ensured that all of the conventions ran smoothly. Barton gave several speeches in support of Federayion. He travelled through New South Wales, stopping at towns to give a speech to create enthusiasm for Federation amongst each of those towns.

Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton played a large part in Australia's history. They helped to make Australia what it is today and without them Australia would not be a nation.
1920- Edmund Barton died.



By Ashley Bell
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