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The Lightning Theif and the Olympian

No description

Lilly Baptist

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of The Lightning Theif and the Olympian

The Lightning Thief
and the Olympian

By: Lilly Baptist
The setting of the book " The Lightning Thief and the Olympian" is in New York City, Yancy Academy, Camp Half-Blood , New York Empire State Building, and the Underworld.
Written by: Rick Riordian
Main Characters
The main characters in the book are Percy Jackson (in the middle), Annabeth (to the left) and Grover (to the right).
The plot of this book is about three main characters named Percy, Annabeth and Grover training at Camp Half-Blood, and their journey to find one of the God's lightning bolt. But the question is, who stole it?
About the Main Characters
Percy is the main character, he is Poseidon, also Camp Half-Blood which means that you have one parent who is a God and the other parent is human. Another example, he has learning disabilities, and dyslexia. He is a trouble maker when it comes to school.
Annabeth is Daughter of Athena, Percy and Annabeth are "friends", has dyslexia, is a tough girl.
Grover is a half man/half goat which is a satyr. He has curly brown hair with small horns. Knew that Percy was Half-Blood way before Percy knew.
Percy finds out who stole the lightning bolt and Grover gets to find P-A-N, Annabeth gets along with her mother and father. And Percy has a choice of staying at Camp Half-Blood for the summer or go home to see his mother.
Resolution of Conflict
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