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Does playing video games affect your heart rate?

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Holly Youngblood

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Does playing video games affect your heart rate?

Does playing video games affect your heart rate? Materials: 3 Heart Rate Monitors 6 People Computer, pencil, paper 3 Video Games... Mario Kart Wii Sports Resort Call Of Duty Game Systems (Wii and Xbox) Procedure: 1. Have two people put on heart rate monitors 2. Write down the persons name and the number of the watch 3. Turn on video game system and put in first game 4. Have each person start their watch as the game begins and record their resting heart rate 5. Write down time started 6. Have them play the game for 10 minutes then shut off their watch 7. Record time when watch was stopped 8. Repeat this 3 times for each game
and for each person 9. Upload results from heart rate monitors onto computer 10. Read graphs to figure out if heart rates went up For our project we decided to see if playing video games could affect a person's heart rate. We figured that playing certain video games would affect your heart rate more than others. We hypothesized that if we tested the games Mario Kart, Wii Sports Resort, and Call of Duty to see how much they would affect a person's heart rate, Call of Duty would affect a person's heart rate the most, Wii Sports Resort would cause the second highest percentage of heart rate increase, and Mario Kart would not produce much of an increase. Background Research: Video game consoles are in more than 80% of children's bedrooms Calm games tended to not cause much of an increase in heart rate Active games (such as wii fit) tended to cause a 20% increase in heart rate Violent games tended to cause a 40% increase in heart rate Studies have shown that playing certain video games can have lasting psychological effects Introduction: Results: Data: Graph for Person 1:
(Call of Duty) Graph for person 1:
(Wii Sports Resort) Graph for person 1:
(Mario Kart) Like we hypothesized, Call of Duty caused the greatest increase in heart rate Wii Sports Resort caused the second greatest increase in heart rate And Mario Kart caused the least amount of heart rate increase By Kayla and Holly Conclusion Video games do tend to cause an increase in people's heart rate, but the intensity of the game is responsible for the jump in heart rate. Error Analysis The heart monitors failed us at moments and would drop down to 0 at times. We think there is a difference between the results of the more and less experienced gamers.The less experienced gamers weren't active as much since they didn't always know what to do. Bibliography "Study Finds Video Games Increase Heart Rate | Bit-gamer.net." The UK's Leading Source for Hardware and Games Reviews | Bit-tech.net. Web. 06 June 2011. . Ragsdale, Ian. "How Do Video Games Affect Your Heart Rate? | EHow.com." EHow | How to Videos, Articles & More - Trusted Advice for the Curious Life | EHow.com. Web. 06 June 2011. . The End :)
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