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No description

Meghan Cude

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of MAPS

Take a look at your prompt Tackling TAKS Short
Answer: MAPS Ex: M- Make the question
into a statement Ex: A: Answer the
question Ex: P: Provide Evidence Ex: S: Sum it up Now it is time to Draft, Revise, Edit and Publish. :D You have just successfully
answered a TAKS prompt!!!!!! Question=Which character is the snob?
Statement= The main character John Harcourt is the snob within the short story "The Snob" by Morely Callaghan. The reader realizes that John is the snob within the story because of the description of the father given by the narrator. The reader also realizes that John is the snob because he wants to stay as far away from his father as possible. Finally the reader knows John is the snob because of his lashing out at Grace and blaming her when he looks down on his father. "Coat was thrown open, two buttons on his vest were undone, his hair was too long, and in his rather shabby clothes he looked very much like a workingman, a carpenter perhaps"
"Let's go now"
"I say you don't like simple honest people, the kind you meet all over the city."
"It makes you a snob" The reader discovers John is the snob through his description and avoidance of his father and finally lashing out at Grace for her perceived snobbery.
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