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Below the Surface of 9/11 Memorial

No description

Michelle Craddock

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Below the Surface of 9/11 Memorial

Background on the attack
The Future
War on Terror
9/11 memorial
Significance of Memorial
or Patriotism
National Identity
How to define nationalism
constructed in 2006-2011
9/11 Memorial
Physical Aspects of the Memorial
Below the Surface of 9/11 Memorial
Michelle Craddock
Act of Terror
4 planes with 19 al-Qaeda hijackers
3,000 people died as a direct result of the 9/11 attacks
Two planes crashed in the the twin towers of the World Trade Center
Reasons for attack
strained relationship with al-Qaeda
an edict placed by bin Laden to kill Americans
two concrete rectangles pools of water at ground zero
around the parapets (edges)-names of the fallen
a series of waterfalls inside the structure

$15 admission fee for children (0-17)
$24 admission fee for adults
Ground Zero- the location of the Twin Towers, NYC
Cultural significance
a grave site for those who couldn't get buried- for their families to mourn the loss
still and ongoing threat and war being fought
issue: diversity in the United States- hard to define National Unity at large scale
Contemporary example: ISIS members in US
In conclusion
Aside from the reflecting pools- museum (opened 9/11/2014)
side note- 1993 attack
Perception of Memorial
some see it as a tourist attraction- hefty bill attributed
others see as a connection to national pride
Significance achieved by immortalizing the victims on bronze parapets
according to Political Psychology essay, nationalism can stem from a common problem---Terrorism
One view:
Opposing View
Terrorism is an ongoing issue- smaller scale attacks since
Overall though time, the memorial is a positive aspect of national pride and a form of unity for Americans.

A place for mourners along with a place for education for future generations.
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