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Car game

Danny Mathias

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Sja_Parallax

by: Eric, Daniel, Ramina, and Daniel Parallax Examples Of a Parallax Game The Helicopter Game
Impossible Game The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.
To put it simply the object stays stationary but the background moves which produces an effect where the object appears to be moving instead. What is a Parallax Game? Add a scenic background (farther)
Add background to the top of the room
Go to the Background0 tab in the room
Check Visible when room starts
Check tile horiziontal
Add a speed to the background Step by Step Tutorial Depth adds a 3D effect to a normal 2D game.
3 Parts to adding depth to a game are:
-Hidden Surface Removal. Adding Depth Generally to show depth:
objects with a larger size and faster speed appear closer to the viewer, while
objects with a smaller size and slower speed appear farther to the viewer. Speed and Size Helps in establishing the depth relation of 2D objects
The depth of objects are established by the order that they ate drawn in.
Objects with a larger depth are drawn before objects with a smaller depth.
therefore, objects that are partially hidden behind other objects appear farther away. Hidden Surface Removal Add an object to the game (player)
The object is stationary, but you can add controlled movement (jumping, running)
The moving background gives the illusion that the object is actually moving Inserting the Object Con't Tutorial Background Add a second background (closer) where the game is actually played on
Add background to the bottom of the room
Go to the Background1 tab in the room
Check Visible when room starts
Check Tile Horizontal
Set a faster speed than the first background, making the second background appear closer.
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