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Jarod B

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of TFIOS

The Book
The Fault in Our Stars
is a young adult novel written by John Green. It was published on January 10, 2012. It is a love story of two Indiana teenagers both diagnosed with Cancer at a young age.
John Green the author of TFIOS has written many young adult books including:
Looking For Alaska
(Michael L. Printz award 2006),
Paper Towns
(Edgar award 2008) and
An Abundance of Katherines.
The Characters
Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main female character, she was diagnosed with lung cancer at 13
The Movie
On June 6 The Fault In Our Stars movie will be released, it is based off of the book. The movie is starring Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley who were brother and sister in the movie Divergent. John Green was almost always on site during filming.
Why I'm Passionate About This
Vlogbrothers is a vlog that John and his brother hank use to communicate to each other and to everybody else on the internet. Hank also drew an Anklerfish on 5% of all pre-ordered
TFIOS books.
The Fault In Our Stars
Vidcon is a convention hosted by John and Hank every year. It is a convention where famous youtubers can meet each other and their fans.

John Green
Augustus Waters is the main male character at a young age he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and lost his right leg
Isaac is Augustus best friend, Isaac has cancer in his eye and has to undergo surgery that will make him blind.
Peter Van Houten is the author of the book An Imperial Affliction which has always been Hazels favourite book, Hazel has always tried to write letters to him but he never responded
I love TFIOS because it shows how sick people have lives and being sick is not the only thing that defines them. Also, John Green is very inspirational because he was bullied as a child but know he is a great author, person and vlogger.
#1 NEW york times bestseller
Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster
Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters
Nat Wolff as Isaac
Laura Dern as Mrs. Lancaster
Sam Trammell as Mr. Lancaster
Mike Birbiglia as Patrick
Lotte Verbeek as Lidewij Vliegenthart
Willem Dafoe as Peter van Houten
Milica Govich as Mrs. Waters
David Whalen as Mr. Waters
Emily Peachey as Monica
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