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Personal Brand

No description

Agape Georgiadis

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Personal Brand

Agape Georgiadis Personal Brand Project https://twitter.com/#!/agape_xo Pornographic Nosebleed
http://loveandlimbs.tumblr.com I was featured on an episode
of MTV's Friend Zone. About Me Education Major: Mass Communications

Concentration: Public Relations

Status: Senior

Graduation Date: May 2014 Social Media & Blog http://instagram.com/agape_xo Personal Facts I'm fluent in Greek and
spent early half of my life
living in Pireaus, Greece with my family. http://www.mtv.com/videos/friendzone-season-2-ep-5/1688330/playlist.jhtml This is my 4th year as a member of the Human Rights Campaign. I am the Public Relations Representative for the USF Feminist Student Alliance. I'm 20-something Atlanta gypsy living in Tampa. Being a Sagittarius, I have no social filter and find time to travel every chance I get. Since I am Greek, I think cooking for people is embedded in my DNA..Good thing I'm amazing at it. Runner for musical venues in the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg Area including the Ritz Ybor, State Theatre, and Jannus Live.

Runner (n.)- a term used to describe and individual employed by the venue to act as hospitality to the musical guest, be fiscally responsible to those needs/wants, and basically be their bitch. Work I currently work at USF Smoothie King in Temple Terrace as a mixologist and social media consultant. Smoothie King offers an array of healthy, high-protein shakes and smoothies along with healthy alternative snacks and drinks to keep you at your best.

I have also worked as a Greek interpreter for legal offices and language specialist companies in Pinellas and Pasco County. http://loveandlimbs.wordpress.com Goals for the Future After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations, I hope to land a position with a gay-friendly airline as an international stewardess. After a productive career, I would love to open up my own cafe in a thriving city in the US. One day, I would like to marry the person I'm in love with and possibly start a family.
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