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SSP Digital Strategy 2014

No description

Jamie McRonald

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of SSP Digital Strategy 2014

There is one thing I need to really make all this work...
SSP Digital Strategy

@SSP Digital
Strategy 2014

The Brief

Where are we now?
I’ve undertaken a review of our digital presence and mapped that against some of our key Competitors.

This is how we stack up...
And what do customers think of us?
"This brand is expensive"
"You can get 20% off with Bite"
"I like the staff here"
What's the value to us?
Web visit
£0.06 - £0.11
per user
Email subscriber
20p per email
£1.20 - £3.00
Social media
Customer Relationship Management
“CRM is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organise, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support”
what is it?
So where do we start?
The three year plan
The Future is
But...we need content
“In social media content is
king, context is God…
and then there’s effort”

- Gary Vaynerchuk

What will this look like?
2 types:
Making sure we always reach our audience in the right places.
up to 40%
If you have a website
you will have an email
database and design.
The 2 main channels we will focus on
For all the clever and new social channels that exist and the new ones that pop up every month...there are 2 obvious channels that we know our customers are on.
1.1 billion worldwide users
rich user experience
best supported for businesses
most popular amongst women aged 18 - 29

10 million users in the UK
easy to create content
provides strong consumer insight
quickly build brand identity and presence

who gets what?
Split into pairs

On a Post-it note write a name of a well known person or character. Someone with a well known tone of voice

Stick it to your partners head (don’t let them see)

Write a tweet as if it was from that person (about 15 words long)

When you’re ready, let your partner guess who the person is

how to play
Make Sure they’re a well known person (they can be alive, dead or fictional. But they must have a voice)

Pick someone with a very obvious tone of voice (not a friend or a colleague)

Don’t include lots of obvious related names (friends, family etc)

Keep it snappy (twitter is about efficiency of message)

Use #hashtags for catchphrases or humour
Some tips...
some examples
So what was the point in that?
Because the more you understand…

your brand values
your brand tone of voice
your audience

…the more your customers will engage with you and allow you to sell them stuff (occasionally).

What your brand stands for

Who your audience is (and where and how to reach them)

What to talk about

When to post

Which channel to use and the purpose

How to measure success
You need to know...
There are six simple steps you need to consider when creating good social media content
...and three simple rules
1. Is it relevant to the brand?

2. Is it relevant to the audience?
So who's #winning at relevance?
Relevant to the brand
Relevant to the audience
what do you think of this guy?
(you're not the only one)
but social media is not without risks
The constant demand for content

The SSP “brand” being given greater visibility

The demanding resource requirements for customer services

The opportunities social gives for the public to escalate crises
Relevant to the conversation
there's been lots of examples of brands making a pigs ear of PR socically
And what about BITE?
So let me finish by saying this.

The problems with BITE
20% is incredibly generous
It's expensive - about £2.3m p.a
It doesn't foster loyalty
We don't know who uses it (or how)
The medium is outdated
What are our options?
Lose it altogether
Reduce it to 10% (and remove from bars)
Reduce it to 10% and add additional incentives
Leave it as it is
turn it into something new
remember this?
A traditional loyalty card in a new form
A 10% discount IF they redeem
The potential to run across multiple units
An earned loyalty
A reason to return
The ability to sell our most
Valuable customers
loyalty doesn't just come from discounts
we want to be a part of an everyday commuter habit!

Free wifi in stations
Your next train times
Latest news
Today's weather
Thank you
play me off keyboard cat...
A collection based system
A tier points scheme
More than just money off
Two things to talk about today
1. The Digital Strategy

2. Social Media and the Importance of
Brand Content
but first, let's set the scene...
where we store information and make sense of the world around us.
the heart of everything we do. It's what we care about most and where we keep all the most precious things to us.
Our central nervous system, it runs through everything we do.
We use our arm to push and pull messages to our customers.
Our other arm is to touch our customers and grab their attention.
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