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I am the messenger

No description

Alicia Endreas

on 23 May 2012

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Transcript of I am the messenger

Part One 45 Edgar Street, midnight
13 Harrison Avenue, 6 p.m.
6 Macedoni Street, 5:30 a.m. I Am the Messenger
by: Markus Zusak Ed is in a bank that's being robbed along with Marv, Audrey, and Ritchie. Ed and Marv are fighting about how junky Marv's car is and the robber starts to yell at them. The robber ends up with Marv's car keys and runs to the car. While the robber was running he drops the gun and Ed picks it up and starts shooting at the car. Ed becomes a hero for stopping the robber so the police can arrest him. Ed introduces his story. He tells us that he plays cards a few nights a week. He also tells us about his friends Marv, Ritchie, and Audrey. Ed tells us that he is a cabdriver and he is 19 and that he lives in a shack with his roommate The Doorman (a dog). He also tells us that his family was a very rough family. Another thing he tells us is that he loves Audrey to death and that he would do anything to be with her. In chapter 3 Ed receives the first of the five cards. The ace of diamonds. He calls everyone he knows and asks them if they sent the card. He also debates if he should go to the first house or not. In this chapter Ed goes to court for the robbery to tell his version of what happened at the bank. Ed was threatened by the robber. Ed goes to the first place on the card. He finds out that the wife and child suffer every night because the husband comes home from the bar every night and rapes his wife. Ed figures out that he was given this card to help the people out. Ed goes out one afternoon and sees the wife and child that live in the first home on the card. Ed decides to leave the situation at the first house alone for awhile. He visits the next house on the card. A old woman named Milla lives alone at this house. She calls Ed by the name of Jimmy and he reads to her and has supper with her. He figures out that his message for this task is to soothe the lady's loneliness. In chapter 8 Ed finds out that Jimmy was Milla's husband and he died a long time ago. Milla waits every day for her husband to come home because she forgot that he died. Ed reminds her of Jimmy because they kind of look a like. Ed decides to move on to the next message. He sees a girl named Sophie who wakes up early every morning and runs barefoot around the track. Ed goes and watches her run in a race. She gets second during her race but she is wearing shoes. Ed knows that his message is to get the girl some new shoes. Ed gives a shoe box to Sophie's dad telling him to give it to her. The shoe box was empty but Sophie understands what it means. In her next race she ran with no shoes on did really well but still came in second. Sophie comes up to Ed and says thank you. Ed was also asked by Sophie if he was her saint. He told her that he was just another stupid human. Ed in this chapter goes back to the first street. He realize he should do something so he waits for the man to get home then goes into the home. The little girl is sitting there crying and she asks Ed if he is here to save them. He says yes but ends up doing nothing. He gets back to his house and sits there feeling terrible. Early that morning Ed gets a phone call from a person saying "check your letter box Ed." Ed goes to check it and something cold and heavy hits his hand and he touches a trigger. Ed is really nervous about the gun but decides that the deed needs to be done. He asks his boss for the cab for a night. He goes by the bar that the husband is at and asks if he needs a lift. The man gets in and talks to Ed. Ed then gives the man a drink of doped vodka and the man passes out. After awhile of driving Ed stops and points the gun at the man telling him to get out. After a while of yelling at the man, beating him, and contemplating between right and wrong Ed asks the man if he will stop. The man says yes he will but Ed pulls the trigger. Part Two say a prayer
at the stones of home Ed gets home and thinks about how the man is still alive because he purposly missed. He gets a phone call from Marv and they get in a argument. Ed runs into Sophie. Ed tells Sophie that he is waiting for the next ace. Ed goes pass the first house and there is no sign of the husband. One night after playing cards Ed goes home and there are two men in his house named Daryl and Keith they work for the person that is sending Ed the cards. Ed asks them who sent them but they told him he isn't suppose to find out yet. Ed gets a letter telling him that he must be doing a good job if he got this letter. It also says that the husband boarded a train. It also gave him the next card and the letter said to keep delivering. Ed and Audrey talk during this chapter. Audrey asked him about the "murder" and she also asks him about the new card. Ed tells her a lot but also gets mad at her because she freaks out when he tells her about the shooting. During his drive one night Ed picks up a hooker named Alice and drops her off. The rest of the night he imagines him and Alice together in a hotel room. Ed finds the stone of homes and finds three names in a rock. Thomas O' Reilly, Angie Carusso, and Gavin Rose but none of the names sound familiar to Ed. Ed meets the first person Thomas O' Reilly. Thomas is a priest and not a normal one he swears and smokes which is odd for a priest. Ed goes to one of the priest's church sermons and notices that not very many people are there. Ed knows what he has to do for Thomas. Ed is trying to figure out ideas on how to get people to the church. He figures out that free beer is the way to go. He invites everyone he knows and puts signs up around every pub. The party went well and everyone had a blast. The cops show up to O' Rielly's house at ten. They tell Ed that he needs to go out and clean up the spray painted signs that Ed made for the party. Ed goes to see Angie next. He realizes that every week she buys a ice cream for her kids but never gets one for herself. He also meets Gavin Rose a bad school kid who smokes and gets bad grades. Gavin gets beat up by his brother at his house then goes outside. Ed speaks to him but Gavin just is mean to him. Ed wonders if the Rose boys have ever been tested so he decides to do it himself. Ed deals with Angie first. He asks her if she would like an ice cream cone. She sat there and started talking to her ice cream. Then She looked up and saw her kids and started to cry. When Angie was done she told Ed thank you and her kid offered to give her a bit of their ice cream next week. Ed beats up Gavin Rose then goes to a phone booth. He calls Gavin's brother and tells him that if he goes to the end of his street he will find his brother beat up pretty badly. Ed goes back to the street right after and sees Daniel, Gavin's brother, helping Gavin out. While Ed walks home one night he gets stopped by a group of people. It was Daniel Rose and his gang. They beat up Ed and Gavin takes the last shot. Ed drags himself home and sees how much damage they did. Part Three Graham Greene
Morris West
Sylvia Plath Even though Ed is all beat up he still goes to play at the Sledge Games. Ed gives The doorman to a kid so he can watch the dog. After a long hard game Ed goes back to the tree where he left them. The doorman is gone Ed looks all over for the kid and the doorman. Eventually he finds them and the kid has a card. The kid wouldn't give back the dog or the card unless he gives the kid 20 dollars. Ed gives up the money and gets the card that he didn't expect. The ace of spades. Ed has a dream referring to one of the names on the card. He figures out that all names on the card are authors. He goes to the library after spending sometime with Audrey and checks out all the books that were written by these authors. After persuading the librarian to check out all of the books, Ed goes home and starts to read. He thinks to himself after a certain amount of time "there has got to be an easier way to this." Then it hits him. He looks at the street names and book titles and there is one book by one of the authors to a street. Then he looks at the page numbers. He finds that on one page number in the three books there is a spade drawn on it. The page number is the street number. The digging is over! Ed makes plans with Marv, Ritchie and Audrey to have Christmas at his house on one of their card nights. He decides to go to Glory Road to check it out. He watches a family for awhile till the father notices. He confronts Ed about it and Ed lies to him and tells him that he use to grow up in the house that the family is living in now. One of the kids ask him if he could come back and help put up Christmas lights. He comes back and notices that half of them were out. Ed figures out why he was sent to this family. Ed is sitting at his house at the beginning of this chapter until he gets a knock on the door. It's the family who he looked at Christmas lights with. They told him that he needed to go with them so he did. They stand outside of the families house and one of the kids turns on the lights. Now they have a full set of Christmas lights. Ed gave the family new lights and they were so thrilled about it and thanked him right away. The mother and father stand there and while watching their kids dance around in the front yard they stare at each other and kiss one another. Ed thinks to himself "Sometimes people are beautiful." Ed gets a card from the kids of the family saying Merry Christmas. He is invited to come back to their house anytime and he is walked out by the father of the house. The man asked him "You never lived in this house did you Ed?" Ed replied "No." They just looked at each other smiled and went their separate ways. Ed decides to go to the next street. On a walk with a the doorman he comes up to a restaurant but doesn't go in yet. Audrey and Ed hang out one night and get drunk. Audrey spends the night and Ed tells her all of his stories. Ed goes to the restaurant and sits down. After awhile of sitting there he sees someone come in. His mother is with a guy and Ed is not happy about this at all. As Ed slips out to pay he can just see how happy she is with this man. He goes to her house and waits for her to come home. He asks her why she hates him so much and the reason is because he reminds his mother of his father. Ed also asks his mother if father ever knew about her and this man. His mom started to cry right there. Ed calls his mom that night asking if she was ok. She said she was and Ed hung up before she could say anything else. Ed has one last place with this card. Bell Street with a old movie theater is where he goes. He meets an old man who lets him watch any movie he wanted and he stays for awhile. Ed takes Audrey to this movie theater where they watch a movie together. The old man then surprises Ed with a movie reel that has his name on it and tells him that some one brought it here. Ed then can only think about the cards. Ed has the old man play the reel while Audrey and him sit there and watch. The reel has footage of the town and Ed getting mauled by the Rose boys. After the movie finished the old man put the other movie back on and Ed is very light headed. Audrey takes him back to his seat and he realizes that the people that have been giving the cards are here because his next card is on his seat. Part Four The Suitcase
Cat Ballow
Roman Holiday After Ed and Audrey leave the movie theaters they go home. Ed decides to send out Christmas cards to the people that he had missions for. These Christmas cards were aces from playing cards. He delivers all of the cards and wishes everyone a merry Christmas. Ed and his friends all spend Christmas at Ed's house. After awhile Audrey leaves and Ed, Marv, and Ritchie go to a bonfire. He sees Angie there and talks to her for a bit. When Ed gets back home Marv and Ritchie spend the night. Ed visits his family. He sees his two sisters, his brother and his mom. After that he goes to the old lady's house for a bit. Milla, the old lady, gave Ed a present. Ed opens it and puts on the suit she gave him. After awhile at Milla's house Ed leaves and gets a cab. Audrey's boyfriend is driving and he asks Ed if he loves Audrey. Ed says yes and tells him that Audrey doesn't want to love anyone though because of her rough life. He finally gets to his house and wishes Audrey's boyfriend a Merry Christmas. Ed figures out what the titles are on the card in this chapter. They are movie titles so he goes and asks the old man at the movie theater about them. In every movie there was a connection to a person. In Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn starred in it. In Cat Ballou starred Lee Marvin. Finally in The Suitcase the director's name was Pablo Sanchez. The next card's missions were for Audrey, Marv, and Ritchie. So Ed starts with Ritchie. He watches Ritchie from behind a bush for awhile and then people come up to Ed. Daryl and Kieth. They tell him that he knows what to do. Ed talks to Ritchie after watching him sit in his house doing nothing. Ed tells Ritchie what he has been doing with these cards and that he was next on his list of messages. Ritchie takes Ed to the river where they sit and Ritchie tells him that he only wants one thing. To want. Ritchie starts to look for jobs with Ed's help and starts to actually do something with his life. Ed moves on to the next person Marv. Ed thought for awhile about what Marv needs. Ed knew it had something to do with all that money Marv saved but how is he going to get it out of Marv? Ed talks to Marv in this Chapter. He trys to get money out of him. Marv tells Ed that he spent the money on his child that he has with his love Suzanne Boyd. He knows where the kid is but has never met the kid. So Ed goes with him. They finally went to the house one day. Marv gets yelled at Suzanne's father and tells him to get out of there. Marv sees that he has a little girl from a distance who is beautiful. Marv gets hit by Mr. Boyd and then decides to leave. Ed goes to Suzanne's house one day and picks up Suzanne and Marv's kid. Ed drives them to a park where Marv is. Suzanne asks Marv if he would like to push his little girl on the swings and he said yes. Ed thinks its the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. Ed realizes that he has to work with Audrey next. He goes and watches Audrey one night and realizes that she hangs out with her boyfriend a lot. Marv comes over to Ed's house and asks Ed if he still needs money. Ed says no of course, tells Marv about the whole card senario, and Marv tells him good luck with Audrey. Ed makes Audrey dance with him one night. Three minutes it took to make her love someone for once. Ed is happy that he is done with the cards. Until he hears his mail box open and close one night then he realizes that there is still one more card. It has his address on it. This means the message was for him. Part Five 26 shipping street Ed in this part learns who planned all of this and who has been giving him the cards. Audrey also comes to see him at the end. To make is a very surprising and happy ending but I am not telling you anything you will have to read to find out what happens.
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