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Retail Training - Max Mara Quality Culture

Max Mara Outerwear & San Maurizio Factory

Frenay Charlotte

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Retail Training - Max Mara Quality Culture

Little branded cute shopping bag to take on the shelve
Increase visibility, excite interest and curiosity
Girls will be proud to carry it around and reuse it MAX MARA
MANUFACTURE DETAILS Max Mara Fashion Group Training Action: MM Outerwear & San Maurizio Factory QUALITY CULTURE
in Max Mara' COATS,
CULTURE What are the keywords coming into your mind when thinking about Max Mara? Quality Tradition Timeless Italian Family Business 1951 Coats 101801 Margaux Excellence Women Innovation Fashion International Detail Know-how Creativity Before going further, it is crucial to understand the origin and the history of Max Mara... 19 19 Achille Maramotti revolutionized the fashion world by applying industrialization concepts to Haute-Couture; he was the first to offer READY-TO-WEAR MADE IN ITALY GARMENTS FOR WOMEN.

And, it all started with OUTERWEAR.

A.M. wanted to dress the "PROVINCIAL DOCTORS' WIFE" with elegant coats and suits in fine woolen fabrics and robust cotton and linen with a TAILORED CUT but PRODUCED INDUSTRIALLY. 51 57 Achille Maramotti came back from a trip in America with many innovative ideas and ways to improve the PRODUCTION' EFFICIENCY (COST and TIME).

He applied new techniques of cutting, changes in the production line, etc...

The manufacture of a coat took no more 18hours after that, but 2hours.

It represents the real beginning of Max Mara products' industrialization. Achille Maramotti's wish to satisfy every women has been raised throughout the years and the development of VARIOUS COLLECTIONS+PRODUCT LINES satisfying EVERY WOMEN (//market segments):

Morphologies (Marina Rinaldi)
Needs (Weekend, Pianoforte, Bridal, Rainwear)
Style (Max Mara, 'S MM, Sportmax)
Age (Persona, Sportmax Code, Max & Co)
Purses (Studio, Marella, Pennyblack)
Total Look (Accessories, Eyewear, Hosiery, Perfumes) COATS & INNOVATION have been, since the beginning, the very crucial points of Max Mara development and they probably represent its KEY TO SUCCESS.

Nowadays, COATS are the PILLARS of every Max Mara' COLLECTIONS, every seasons and even the central theme of Max Mara 60 years anniversary EXHIBITION. One of Max Mara coat even became an ICONIC product inspiring artists...

101801' coat, is the best example of Max Mara EXCELLENCE, TIMELESS QUALITY, and SUCCESS

Double-breasted in wool and cashmere
Designed by French Designer BERETTA in 1981
Inspired by the proportions of melton wool British army officer coats of The Great War.
142000 sold world wild + Online (Customized)
73 production' phases/ 3 hours
Simplicity/Understated Elegance/Perfect Proportion TH EN In your opinion, what are the best synonyms for quality garments? Luxurious fabrics Long-lasting Timeless style Perfect cut Details Design Wearability Tailored-made Hand-made Innovative Sartorial Completion Location of production Know-how Max Mara products reflect quality and search for excellence through: AVANT-GARDE EQUIPMENTS & TECHNOLOGIES The right balance between TRADITION & INNOVATION
acquired with 60 years of KNOW-HOW END-TO-END process IN the company 6 QUALITY CONTROLS in the production MADE IN ITALY label RAW MATERIALS SARTORIAL and HAND-MADE details The best expression of Max Mara Quality Culture lies in the production process of a coat at San Maurizio Manufacture in Reggio Emilia. What strikes you most in the production process in terms of:

What is your general impression on San Maurizio Manufacture? Let's watch a video presenting the production cycle of a M.M. Coat ... EXPERT & HIGHLY TRAINED EMPLOYEES MISSION
From raw material to coats, jackets, and suits
Prototype --> Samples --> Products to be sold
Treasurer of MM Quality Culture and distinctive excellence
Born in 1988
230 employees
10 000 m2
90 000p/year = 10% of MM total production
1p = +/- 3hours to be produced
1p = from 70 to 120 phases to be produced
Tailored production process for each model
(planned and designed in every steps)
Responsible for effective match between Designers' concepts and Technical requirements
Huge investment in technological innovation in methodologies
Products are the result of the machine, computers and most of all human skills (specific trainings)
12 departments divided in 2 big areas: Cutting and Sewing/pressing
1 controller/ department
6 Quality controls 1. Garment Fact Sheet The "Cutting" dptmt receives the fact sheet.

Based on the "delivery dates", quantity of steps & time needed to produce one garment, they decide when should the production start.

They define the cut of the fabric:
4mm are necessary between each pieces of fabric
83 to 84% use of the fabric is considered as good
the cut depends on the direction of every piece of fabric on the final garment 2. CUTTING Control the fabrics
Set 40 layers of fabric of 7meters length
Automatic digital cutting
Blade for normal fabric
Laser for leather and printed fabrics
Quality control (qualitative+measures) of each pieces of fabric cut
Labeling of each piece of fabric 3. Tape Application of thermoplastic adhesive tape which will modify the RIGIDITY of the fabric

The thickness of the tape chosen vary with the rigidity result needed
Be careful with the temperature which can cause fabric reduction and shrinking 4. Creating a garment Sewing

Intermediary Quality Control to check the wearability of the garment

It is very important to respect the patterning techniques designed for the final assembly, it ensures the right wearability of the garment 5. Completion Application of final details and accessories
Steam ironing to maintain the natural look of the fabric
Final Quality Control with fact sheet (measures+fabric)
Wrapping under plastic cover

... ready to be sent somewhere in the world... How many and which production phases do you remember? PRODUCTION PROCESS Finally, It is important to remember that Max Mara Quality Culture also lies in tangible aspects for the customer.

The final product shows how much Max Mara cares for details, which makes every single Max Mara Coat so unique and special for the person wearing it. MODELING DETAILS Line Sleeves Closure Collar Accessories PEOPLE MACHINES COMPUTERS FACTORY SAN MAURIZIO STYLISTIC DETAILS Semi-fitted Fitted Straight Flared Set-in Shirt-type Kimono Raglan Double Single Dovetailed Overlaid pleat Inverted Seamless Seam Vent Top-stitching Saddle-stitching Machine characterized by an extremely LONG STITCH
Non-Twisted but PLAITED thread with the core in Elastan (normally used in the seams of the shoes) that results into a RAISED/RELIEF stitch effect. Needs highly skilled and experienced seamstresses
From 35 to 40 stitches every 10 cm for double hand-stitched garment quality tailoring.--> Each piece is unique
Complex technique:
Two layers of fabric joined together by a binding thread that is not visible externally.
The finished fabric is opened with a special blade that divides the two layers with micrometric precision.
The finished fabrics are then folded together and stitched by hand. Double face Huge investments in RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Give the fabric a shiny appearance and 3D look which is guaranteed over time

High level of skills and expertise required that only some Italian manufacturers are able to provide.

The fabric is brushed using strictly vegetable combers and then placed on the rollers and covered with transparent plastic film in a very humid environment for about two days.

Very similar characteristics to the zibeline fur. Zibeline process Stitching M.M. SARTORIAL HISTORY and TRADITION of QUALITY
ADDS VALUE to the garments.
M.M.= THE FIRST brand to use it on heavy fabrics for coats.
"COMPLETT" low speed machine works with a needle and SINGLE THREAD OF VARIABLE LENGTH, using a needle with an open eye which ensures that the thread passes over and under the fabric replicating a STITCH MADE BY HAND Treatment Fabric SELLING TIPS How could you use this training in order to improve sales of coats and add value to the product?

What information do you value the most?

What information would you like to transfer to your client in a future selling process? PRACTICE... QUIZZ 1) Max Mara Fashion Group...
a. Is born in 1957 with a collection focused on outerwear garments for the "provincial doctor's wife"
b. Is born in 1951 after A.M came back from a trip in America
c. Is born in 1951 as the first company offering ready-to-wear made in Italy garments for women

2) Achille Maramotti revolutionized the fashion world by ...
a. Offering Haute-Couture outerwear
b. Tailored-cut dresses produced industrially
c. Tailored-cut coats and suits produced industrially

3) After a trip in America,
a. A.M. brought innovative ideas to improve the production efficiency
b. The production time of a coat took 4 hours instead of 18
c. A.M. came back with innovative fabrics made with Elastan

4) Today Max Mara Fashion Group,
a. Offers products designed to dress sizes going from 36 to 50
b. Offers clothes, accessories, eye-wear, tights, make-up and perfume
c. Offers various collections and product lines to dress every women and satisfy their needs

5) The pillar of every M.M. collection, every season is:
a. Trench coats
b 101801 coat
c. Coats

6) 101801 iconic coat
a. Was designed in 1981 by French designer Beretta and is a symbol of simplicity, understated elegance and perfect proportion
b. Was designed in 1989 by French designer Beretta and is produced in 53 steps
c. Double-breasted wool and cashmere coat inspired by the proportion of melton wool German army officers

7) MMFG Quality Culture stands for:
a. Huge investment in Research & Development and avant-garde equipments
b. The right balance between tradition and innovation due to 60 years of Know-how
c. "Made in Italy" culture

8) San Maurizio Manufacture
a. is responsible for the production of prototypes, samples and final products
b. produces 90 000 pieces a year = 50% of MM annual production
c. is born in 1988, employ 230 people and has a surface of 1 000m2

9) At SMM, products are the results of the hand of expert and highly trained employers, computers and machines. True / False

10) At SMM, they are 12 departments divided in 2 big areas (cutting and sewing/pressing) and products must pass through 10 quality controls. True / False

11) When cutting the fabric, is the direction of the fabric important for the final result? Yes / No

12) Thermoplastic Tape is useful:
a. To embellish the fabric
b. To increase the rigidity of a fabric
c. Presents no risk of fabric reduction and shrinking

13) The intermediate quality control measure the wearability of the garment. True / False 14) What kind of line is that? 15) What kind of sleeves has that coat? 16) How call you that kind of pleat? and what is the purpose of those pleats? 17) How call you that kind of stitching? What is special about it? 18) What is special about the fabric of the coat? 18) What kind of effect does that coat shows? THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION
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