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Goddess of Women and Marriage

Amber Kling

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Hera

Hera GODDESS OF WOMEN AND MARRIAGE Mythical Basic Hera was the wife and sister of Zeus.
She the queen of Olympian deities.
Hera was the daughter of Cornus (God of the Universe) and Rhea(Mother Earth).
Mother of Hephestus, Ares, Elethiyia, and Hebe. Hera was a beautiful woman who wore a crown and held a royal, lotus-tipped staff. Literary Allusions "Hera: Book One Of The Goddess Chronicles" Julien Longo

"The Glory of Hera" Philip E. Slater

"Hera: The Goddess and her Glory" George O'Connor

All of these books are literary allusions to Hera. These books contains stories of Hera's life style and her love life with Zeus. Other Allusions The movie "Juno" is a modern day reference. Since Hera's Roman name was Juno and she was the goddess of childbirth (and marriage).

The HERA Women's Cancer Foundation- Hera was chosen as the name for the foundation because she was thought to be the protector of women and empowered women to stand up for themselves.

Hera Lighting- A lighting company named after Hera

Hera Purple- a supernatural horror story from Korea named after the goddess Hera. Quick Facts Hera was the first Greek Goddess.
Hera was also known as the goddess of the sky and starry heavens.
Hera was remembered for her jealousy of many mortal women that Zeus fell in love with.
Hera was actually the only married woman among the Olympians, for Aphrodite's 'marriage' to Hephaestus can hardly be called legitimate, because it was an arranged marriage with no commitment or loyalty. Hera and Zeus Symbols Peacock were a symbol of pride. These birds pulled Hera wagon.
Cows symbolized Hera because she was known as Bopis "cow- eyed", which was later translated as "with big eyes".
The crow and the pomegranate also symbolize marriage and are dedicated to her. Hera and the peacock feathers Hera Purple a Korean horror movie
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