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Cars Cultural Analogy

No description

Lauren Shogren

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Cars Cultural Analogy

Cars Analysis
By Lauren Shogren,
Dontrius Mitchell,
Jordan Clark,
and Johnny Haman

Cars Cultural Analogy
Radiator Springs Culture
Lightening McQueen
Radiator Springs
Racing World
Positive Consequences
Negative Consequences
Positive Consequences
Negative Consequences
Cultural Relativism
Positive Sanctions
Negative Sanctions
Overlapping Cultures
Dominant culture
Both in the racing world
*People care about each other, like a family
Cultural Lag
Cultural Diffusion
Cultural Leveling
Care about businesses and town, want their town back on the map
Ex. Made McQueen fix the road in order to keep the town from completely dying
Each member cares about their business
Ex. Red and his flowers
Ex. Ramone and his looks
Big, flashy, and fancy
Ex. Cared about how he looked (sponsor)
Ex. Piston Cup
Ex. Dynaco
<<Thinking that your culture is superior to others>>
*Ex. "I'm in hillbilly hell!"
Believing in your culture
Ex. McQueen was happy to be who he was, alone
It promotes inequality, segregation, and prejudice
Ex. He was isolated in Radiator Springs
<< Viewing someone else's culture through the perspective of that culture>>
*Ex. Lightening took a drive with Sally
Allows you to make educated judgements of another culture
Ex. The townscars start to like Lightening
None, it can't hurt to look at something respectively
Ex. The townscars trust Lightening (gas)
<<Rate of importance; A person's principals or standards of behavior>>

*Ex. Lightening values the Piston Cup, Dynaco, and winning
<< Something that is considered normal in the cultural >>

*Ex. It's a norm to care about each other in Radiator Springs

*Ex. It's a norm for Lightening to be arrogant (In the beginning of the film)
<< A reward for following a law>>

*Ex. Sheriff offers to escort Lightening to California because he did a good job on the road
<< Punishments for not following the laws >>

*Ex. Lightening has to fix the road
*No one really cares about eachother
*Winning is important
*The wife cares about the king

*Mr. Tex thinks that racing is more than just winning
*Radiator Springs
*Exist in the Cars world
<<The time it takes for a culture to change/evolve>>

*Ex. The time it takes for Lightening to fix the road
<<When two cultures start to mix together>>

*Ex. When Lightening purchases things from the town stores

*Ex. Doc goes back to the racing world for Lightening
<< When two cultures combine to make one new culture >>

*Ex. When Lightening goes back to save the King
*Ex. When Radiator Springs is back on the map
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