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Asynchronous Discussions for Active Learning

Symposium Presentation

Christine Lewinski

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Asynchronous Discussions for Active Learning

Use the discussion feature to let students

create NetGeneration Characteristics Exploratory Participative Curious Well-Designed Asynchronous Discussions... Promote eLiteracy Encourage Exploration Promote Weekly Participation! Foster Curiosity Enhance F2F Learning Engagement Patterns of Participation Call and Response


Diagonal ECON312--
Prior to coming to class Wednesday, write a 4-5 sentence paragraph explaining the terms Cost, Profit, Loss and Price. BIOS280--Start of Week (from shell)

1.What signs and symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome would you look for during the first year of the child’s life?
2.What are the long term effects of fetal alcohol syndrome?
3.Do you think that warning labels on alcohol are enough to dissauade pregnant women from drinking alcohol? Can you think of other measures that may decrease the number of women who drink throughout pregnancy? Class: In class we said that the idea behind Laplace transforms to take something in the time-domain and express it in the s-domain. An engineering differential equation usually expresses the behavior of something in the time-domain. We will discuss examples, but consider the damped harmonic oscillator we talked about in last week's threaded discussion:

d^2x/dt^2 + (b/m)(dx/dt) + (k/m)x = 0

In this equation x(t) is the position of a mass as a function of time. How would you put this in the s-domain? Questions that Engage Across the Disciplines How is being online different from learning online? knowledge learning The Call and Response--The "Unthread" Oscillations of Activity HOT purpose:
transactional assessement--in responding students are engaging in a Collaborative Assessment Technique (CAT) Asynchronous Discussions and Active Learning:

Impressions from our Blended Field of Practice Discussion boards:
reliable, recognizeable tool for web-based interaction, but can they compete with other web-based forms of interaction? How are Asynchronous Discussions Active? Create community Types of Questions Questions that Prepare SOCS185
Most Powerful...

What do you think is the most powerful/severe element of stratification ($, age, race, gender, etc.)? Why? Which aspect of an individuals life does it affect most? Which major social institution is most powerful in an individuals life? Does this element of stratification affect a person's interaction with that institution? HOT purpose:


negotiate http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+-+Introduction LOTS
lower order thinking skills HOTS
higher order thinking skills LOT or HOT? throughout the week across the course content #2 strategy from a study of successful learners in the online environment: "http://www.educause.edu/EDUCAUSE+Quarterly/EDUCAUSEQuarterlyMagazineVolum/HowStudentsDevelopOnlineLearni/157435 In their own voice: "Weekly discussions were best when the teacher encouraged it, especially by having pro versus con discussion, or asking 'why' or 'how' questions." Mid-week (from faculty)
Branch out from lung cancer a little more. When it comes to other types of cancer, what are some other risk factors? What can you do in your own life to decrease your exposure to risk factors? Which risk factors are you unable to change? Please write a 4-5 sentence paragraph on the question of:
"What is money?" Diagonals--still the gold standard for extended dialogue...

but not the only standard useful for measuring learning potential. Lesson Learned:

We need to think differently in the way we train and talk about the function, expectation participation, and approach

to asynchronous discussion. What about
first-year [first-session]
courses? What if
my class is What about
courses? BL Faculty TtT Training Upper division course [MGMT427] Keller Course [GM583] Can we get some closure? SUMMARY POST:

As your posts to this topic illustrate, paraphrasing and summarizing require higher level thinking skills.

Further, your posts indicate that you are learning strategies to help you to find the author's main points. For example, you mentioned using annotations, breaking the reading down into manageable parargraphs for analysis, and focusing on main ideas to paraphrase, rather than details in the passage.

We will continue this discussion onsite! Discussion WRAP-UP - The definition of Quality.

Every week I will summarize our weekly discussions on Saturday or Sunday. However, you still have through the end of the day on Sunday to make your final posts to meet requirements.

This week we addressed TCO A: defining quality, and assess how quality is being utilized in both manufacturing and service industries.

We covered the following Quality items...

* Quality is a product or service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

* Quality Management is a comprehensive and fundamental rule for leading and operating an organization, aimed at continually improving performance over the long term by focusing on customers while addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

* The Quality Stakeholders include customers, business owners, shareholders, business partners, people, suppliers, and society at large.

* It is important to consider the viewpoints of many different Quality Stakeholders including customers, management, shareholders, employees, etc.

* There are many traits to quality including product quality, quality value based quality, manufacturing based quality, user based quality, and judgmental (transcendent) quality.

* Quality has a cost which is referred to as Cost Of Quality (COQ). However the benefits outweigh the cost!

* Quality affords your organization a competitive advantage.

In Week 2 we switch gears to discuss the views of Quality Thought Leaders and Six Sigma as a Philosophy or checklist. See you in the Week 2 Discussions!

Regards, GM588 ENGL092 MATH221 Day 7: Class Review
What were the key points that we covered in class? What did you learn about probability? What did we miss that we should have covered? How did the class meet your expectations this week? LOT or HOT? The use of technology is artificial when it has no clear connection to the learning and so appears to be merely a placeholder.

To use technology effectively, instructors must make its rationale clear, sometimes repeatedly so.

As a student explained, it is vital for instructors "to remind students again and again" why they are using the technology.

Shannon Hauser--U. of Mary Washington small? How do we meet needs of not just millennials but

adult learners who share the

same expectations for dynamic teaching? Bloom's Digital Taxonomy http://www.educause.edu/EDUCAUSE+Review/EDUCAUSEReviewMagazineVolume44/LearningandTechnologyInThatOrd/174198 Other integrations of discussion The Virtual Office Add informal reaction space Promote interaction around lower stakes,
"quickfire" points that address but don't require whole class participation Other Ideas? Questions? Comments? Christine Lewinski Ed.D.
Asst. Dean, Curriculum and Instruction
DeVry University Academic Affairs
April 21, 2011 clewinski@devry.edu do they have to?
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