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Dragon Raja

No description

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Dragon Raja

Market Research
Marketing Advertising&

Beijing Enlight Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

Harry Potter (8 Films):

The Lord of the Rings (3 Films):

International Market
Similar Genres
Stronger Brand Power
Better contemporary technology (CGI)
Lost In Thailand: $2.2 Million Budget -
$208 million
gross (2012)
So Young: $5 Million Budget -
$208 Million
Gross (2013)
Where are we going dad: Budget ? -
$111.87 Million

Avg Budget:
$10 Million
Avg Gross:
$208 Million

Company produces youth/artistic films
Narrow market
Weak Brand Power

U.S Copyright Office - N/A
China Copyright Office - N/A

No copyright held.

Back-up: Purchase a copyright report from a copyright search firm (expensive)
Theatrical Performance:
Est. Minimum Budget: $110,000,000
Est. Maximum Budget: $125,000,000

Est. Domestic Box Office: $350,000,000
Est. International Box Office: $400,000,000

Est. Worldwide Box Office: $750,000,000

Figures are based on an average for other films based on books produced by the company with a similar or the same genre. (Thenumbers.com)
Home Market Performance:
Est. Domestic DVD Sales: $65,000,000
Est. Domestic Blu-Ray Sales: $75,000,000
Est. Total Domestic Sales: $140,000,000
Figures are based on an average for other films based on books produced by the company with a similar or the same genre. (Thenumbers.com)
Theme: Adventure story

Target market: teenager (12-29).
$5000 a year buying goods from their favourite brands
40% of their cash on clothes shopping and they’re really stocking up on athletic wear
41% said they prefer quick service dining options and 15% like casual options best.
Founded in 1911 in Italy
Takeover in 2007 by Fila Korea
The company targets 18 to 34 year-old consumers, but it also makes and markets children's items.
The company made $0.7 in 2014. Korea is its biggest market for now, followed is the USA and Canada. China is a promising one.

Papa Johns
Papa John's Pizza is an American restaurant company and is the fourth largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the US. It hopes to breakaway from value-focused competition and expend their market share.

1.Story content

1. Movie website: IMDb, Mtime
2. Youtube: trailer
3. Social media :Facebook & Twitter

1. Traditional poster
2. Themed exhibition in shopping mall
3. Movie festival
4. Cooperate with Fila : limited edition
5. Papa Johns: set meal

Budget of Advertising:
Every $70.8 million the studios spent on a typical production, the $35.9 million they shelled out to advertise it and make prints.
Promotion budget is around $65,000,000.
Visual effect
Guillermo del Toro
Eric Brevig
Jeff White
Li Yifeng
Swords of Legends
The Lost Tomb
Chu Zihang
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon
So Young
Black & White: The Dawn of Justice
Chen Motong
Li Bingbing
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Message
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Resident Evil: Retribution
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Mark Chao
Fingal von Frings
Gaspard Ulliel
Les Egares
Hannibal Rising
Lu Mingze

University of Kassel
A new world is now here for you.
Liam Hemsworth
Caesar Guattuso
Hilbert Ron Anjou
Karl Urben
The Expendables 2
The Hunger Game series
The Last Song

Young Hollywood Breakthrough in the Year (2010, The Last Song)
The Lord of the Rings series
Star Trek series
Constantine, twin of the King of Bronze and Flame
Freddie Highmore
After thousand years of sleeping, I wake up and rise. For you, I would rather fall and die.
Norton, twin of the King of Bronze and Flame
William Chen
Koh Joon Hee
A secret mission, an altered life . When I finally remember your name, will you still hear me whispering it?
Swords of Legends
KungFu Panda series
The Hobbit series
Pacific Rim
Rise of the Guardians
Cow Boys and Aliens
Pearl Harbor
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Yogi Bear
Co-director and visua effect supervisor
Star Wars
The Chronicles of Nania
Pirates of the Caribbean
Indiana Jones
The Avangers (Marvel)
Finding Neverland
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
August Rush
Author series
Justin and the Knights of Valour
Red Carpet
Marriage Blue
Architecture 101
Doomsday Book
Chinese new generation of popular actor
Chinese new generation of popular actor
Analogous Estimates: with
Harry Potter
Target Audience:
12-29 years old
1. Why eluminate Harry Potter series?
Genre: Adventure,fantasy and mystery
Story Theme: growing-up teeagers' history of from common to extrordinary
Data: Young adults into adventure, youth and righteous ardor: 19-29
2. Build-in audience from origional works
Author: Jiang Nan, one of the most successful one in China
Data: 300,00 copies sold for the first book in the firt 30 days release; over £2.5million/$4.2million in royalties alone in 2013
3. Readers’ expectation
Data: Pre-existing fans of original books: 12-25 years old (mostly between 12-18)
Fans of comic book: 8-18(children and teenagers)
People who interested in Dragon legend and fantasy culture: 25+
Co-criptwriter and co-producer
Jiang Nan

Transmedia Storytelling
3) Rajalegend insiders
Extend what the readers already know from the books with more details about the characters. For example, why is Lu so in love with his first love.

1) Rajaledgend.com:
Update the information of Dragon Raja.

Video games: target teenager
App game: Feeding the Dragon
target kids
Social media: Facebook & Twitter
Interact with the audience
eg. Update the events on FB, theme party

Any Questions?
2) Rajalegend shop

VALS Model (Value and Life Style Model)
Primary motivators:Ideals, Achievements and Self-expression
Level of resources: Income, Education Level
9 types of consumer
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