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The Breakfast Club

No description

Katrina Booth

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club
Follows 5 teens into Saturday detention. Through the movie revelations are made of the characters insecurities and faults that end up bringing them together

Struggle, suffering and understanding

There is a lot of variety between each student and most people can relate to them

None of the students actually have a psychological disorder, but everyday people can show signs and isolated instances of having them

Types of Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder
- instability in moods and interpersonal relationships

- self-centerness

Major Depressive Disorder
- long lasting depressed mood-

- Not confident with one's ability to perform tasks

Schizotypal Personality Disorder
- person who has trouble with relationships, thought patterns, appearance, and behavior
John Bender

BPD- unstable and interpersonal relationship troubles with his mother and father reflect on the way he interacts with others

He switches between wanting to be your friend to being rude and wanting to start fights

He was and unstable sense of self- he acts tough but then when he is locked in a closet, he is coiled and somewhat shocked and scared

Impulsivity with sex and self-damage- he uses graphic sexual references when he talks to and about Claire and smokes pot to get away

Bender Cont.
Was/is abused by his father, so he avoids relationships in fear of being abandoned

Bender is irrational- little things can change his mood

Feelings of emptiness

Lots of anger
Allison Reynolds
"Basket case"

pathological liar

She is very uncomfortable in social situations- becomes shy when she is talked about or to

Kleptomania- stealing useless objects- just wants to have the items

Andrew Clark
"The Athlete"

He seems happy with his life, but has a vendetta with his father

Mr. Clark does not care what Andrew wants in life, and just wants to see his son win wrestling matches

Andrew knows this, and the only way to solve a problem of this nature is through confrontation

Andy cannot think for himself

Demonstrates need to use aggression

The day spent at The Breakfast Club will help him build up the courage necessary to face his father.

Claire Standish

Expects to be recognized for no reason

Thinks she is better than anyone because she is popular

Can only be with and understood by people of high status
More Claire

Needs to always be admired

Most of the movie does not have empathy for people she only cares about her own feelings

Thought of Brian as an embarrassment

Thinks people are jealous of her

Brian Johnson
"The Brain"

Suicidal thoughts

His self-esteem relies on his grades

Gives into peer pressure (smoking pot)

His to do well because of his parents


None of the characters have the actual disorders- there is an absence of many of the symptoms

The characters can form social bonds

The characteristics can lead to some disorders, but at this point the symptoms are not severe enough

BPD: individual and group therapist, Zyprexa

Major Depression: Talk therapy, antidepressant

Schizotypal- psychotherapy, anti psychotic, antidepressant, anti-anxiety

Dysphoria: antidepressants, cognitive behavioral therapy
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