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Career Cruising - Pharmacist

No description

Sanna Potter

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Career Cruising - Pharmacist

PHARMACIST Career Search Level 1 : Intern
Unpaid to 22$ an hour
Level 2 : Part-time/Relief Pharmacist
$40 000 to $45 000 a year
Level 3 : Staff Pharmacist
$60 000 to $90 000 a year
Level 4 : Pharmacy manager
$80 000 to $150 000 a year Career Path Pharmacists measure pills and medicines out and package them
A patients medical history must be checked before a prescription can be fulfilled
Dealing with problems caused by medication
Provide information to patients and customers Job Description Usually work in hospitals, retail stores, & pharmaceutical manufacturing companies
On their feet all day long
Must be alert at all times no matter how tiring/stressful
Gloves and masks are worn when dealing with potentially dangerous pharmaceutical products Working Conditions Can either work part-time or full-time
Majority of them work in hospital pharmacies and retail stores
others can be employed by government agencies, pharmaceutical manufactures as well as research and education institutions
Majority of pharmacists earn an average of between $60 000 and $70 000 to $100 000
In this particular field well over $100 000 can be earned by those most successful and running retail pharmacies.
If a pharmacist belongs to a union their benefits and wages are determined on their behalf by union representatives. Earnings Related Careers Education Anesthesiologist
Medical Lab Technician
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Nurse Practitioner
Pharmacy Technician
Technical Sales Representative A Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy is required
All pharmacists must complete an internship before they can become licensed
It is also necessary to pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada exam Suggested Grade 12 Courses: English
Algebra & Geometry
Social Studies
Business & Management
Computers In McMaster University the Life Sciences Program for pharmacy requires a grade average in the high 80's. The tuition cost for this program is around $7000
Living on campus, with books, supplies, food and entertainment would be around $17 957.
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