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Ronald Lagura

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of ZEAL FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS

Four kinds of "good" people.
Those who do no evil,
do not devote themselves faithfully to doing good.

Those who refrain from evil
also devote themselves to frequent good deeds,
, while they do not neglect to do what they can, they see no need to do more than that.
Four kinds of "
" people.
Those who detest and avoid wrongdoing, fervently commit themselves to whatever good they can do, and desire greater personal holiness, yet lack equal concern for the holiness of others.

Those who avoid wrongdoing, practice virtue, are afire with zeal of personal righteousness,
have zeal for winning souls.
Zeal for righteousness stems from the very basis of our Christianity, namely, love of God and of neighbor.
A person who loves God not only desires to enjoy his goodness and be close to him, but loves to see his will accomplished, his worship carried out and his honor exalted. He wants all people to know, love, serve and honor God more that anything else.

A person who loves his neighbor desires not only health and prosperity for him, but even more, eternal salvation.
Love of God and neighbor should cause us to mourn if God is dishonored or disobeyed, and if others are not in right relationship with Him.

Although all Christians should love their neighbor, this love for others is especially necessary for those who are leaders.
Areas of concern (exercise of zeal) in our own lives and in the lives of our household members.
Growth in love for God and for neighbor. Selflessness.

Active participation in the life of Church. Frequent reception of the sacraments.

Faithfulness to the covenant of CFC.

All CFC member have freely and willingly made their commitment to the Lord and to the body.
Areas not essential for salvation but desirable for making spiritual progress.

Faithfulness to and punctuality in meetings.
Exercise of spiritual gifts.
Financial support for CFC.
Submission to headship
Avoidance of a critical spirit or attitude.
Two specific applications: Correction and Encouragement

At the heart of scriptural appreciation for correction is a hatred of sin, and a realization of human fallibility.

zeal + love of neighbor =

Deal with the wrongdoing of members.

Your accountability as head to correct.

You also have a duty to encourage.

At the start of Jesus' ministry, God encouraged him.

"Encourage" is a compound of two words: "en" = to put in or into, and "courage" = confidence, strength.

There is plenty of bad news around. And how quickly people respond to discouraging news.

There are four types of people

God uses our zeal for righteousness to help other people
Talk 5
Household Leaders Training

A fruit of encouragement is growth in perseverance. Perseverance is a Christian quality especially needed to overcome problems, obstacles and trials. We ourselves need to perseverance in the ministry of encouragement.
Deal with the wrongdoing of members.

a) Be simple and straightforward
b) How?
c) Be authoritative

Your accountability as head to correct.
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