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Social work

No description

sam benning

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Social work

Social Worker Education
Social workers must have a bachelors degree (4yr) to get a entry level job. Many social workers get their master's degree and major in sociology,psycology, social anthropology, and other related fields. Part time or volunteer work is a good background for any job. Employers often offer on-the-job training for new social workers. In the military they offer specialized social work training for 16-24 weeks which will also qualify you. Licences for MN
*Complete a bachelor's of social work degree from a accredited program;
*Complete and pass the national licencing exam;
*Pass a criminal background check. Wages
-U.s average for Child, Family and School Social work salary
-U.s Average For Medical and Public Health Social Work Salary
-U.s average for Mental health and Substance Abuse Social Work Salary
$48,560 Skills needed
-People skills
-Listening skills
-Problem solving skills!!!
-Open minded
-Summary skills
-Time management skills
-Interview client to determine needs.
-Collect information from client's resources like schools,
jobs, and family members to determine needs.
-Prepare a treatment plan for of client.
-Counsel client and family members.
-Monitor progress of clients goals.
-Refer client or family members to community services.
-Keep case records and write reports by deadline.
-Lead support groups for clients and families of clients.
-Investigate reports of child, substance or domestic abuse.
-Review foster and adoptive homes for kids.
-Talk to other consultants for advice. Nature of the work Social workers usually work independently
and have strict weekly reports of clients.
Team work is important between the social
worker and the client so they can get on
the same page and progress. Qualifications Salary -With any job, working there for a extended perios of time can increase your pay and status.
-Starting pay $28,000
-Many social workers begin in a job and then build up to an advisor.
-Some social workers own their own busines or are self-employed. Working Conditions Social work usually means you have to work full time 40 hours + a week. The emotional demands of social work is obvious, getting to know a client and helping them has to be obtained by a strong social worker. Social workers will usually be in a office setting but have to have flexible hours in case of emergency with a client. They must know how to work with violent or aggressive clients, the environment can be anywhere from quiet to noisy. 12,381 social workers are employed in MN right now, the oulook is still very good.
The expanded elderly puts a need in more health social workers. Substance abuse cases are being looked over and instead of being sent to jail they have the option to a treatment center making the substance abuse field growing also.
Family needs will be growing because of the bad economy.
Social work will be a growing fields as long as people need help or treatment. Job Availibilty && Outlook Potential for happiness
With any job happiness is self made, so if helping people interests you social work may be a good job. The emotional stories and cases they must work with is hard but the challange will change some peoples lives for the better. http://www.movienewz.com/precious-movie-trailer/ "If you want to get into the field of social work, volunteer, get internships...whatever you do GO FOR IT! The more experience you have the more likely a job will hire you and also you will be more prepared." -Karrie Schaff
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