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Depiction of Women in Art History

No description

Tim Slade

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Depiction of Women in Art History

Mission Statement

Our goal for this exhibition is to put on a display of how woman were depicted through art history. The women art works in the cultures we are displaying have some very significant meanings based on each culture’s values. Through our display of woman from the early civilization through Gothic and Pre- Renaissance, you will see how woman were depicted in various ways, including themes that symbolize Fertility, Power, Beauty and Wisdom. We aim to appeal to the museum director and researches by showing them how the portrayal of woman has progressed with each new time period. Below is each individual’s room that will be on display for our exhibition.

Topics Covered

Early Civilization and Prehistoric

Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Gothic and Pre- Renaissance

Gothic and Pre- Renaissance
Women: Ancient Rome
Depiction of Women in Art History
Early Civilization and Prehistoric
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