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"The Animal People Choose A Leader" - Visual Map

No description

Rachel Pierre

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of "The Animal People Choose A Leader" - Visual Map

As they all crossed the finish line, they told Eagle (who was acting as judge) what happened. "We still haven't found a leader yet!" the said. "Yes, we have," he said and they looked at Wapoose. But she told them that she didn't want to be a leader. She took part in the race because of the challenge it afforded. She then began to walk over to the start line again. When asked where she was going she told them that she still had one more lap left in the race. "There are still things that I haven't learned in the forest," she told them. They waited for her to finish her lap and then went back to where the rest of the animals were waiting to tell them all that had happened.
The animals joined together to try and choose a leader. It took a while, but then Ajidimo the squirrel suggested that they have a race to try and pick a leader.
They soon came upon Buffalo who was stuck in the mud. Wapoose told him to stop struggling. She then found a branch with some long roots in the ground. She got Wolverine to wade out to Buffalo with the roots in his mouth and then to let Buffalo take the roots in his mouth while Wolverine climbed on his back. Then Horse would pull them both out. Then Buffalo walked with Horse, Wolverine, and Wapoose down the easier route that she had found.
The animals did two rounds, and by the time they were at the third round, they were exhausted. All except Wapoose. By the time they were finished drinking and had begun their fourth round, she finally came forth from her second round. She drank a little bit of water and then started on her third round.
She had not gone far when she came upon the wolverine who was stuck in a crevice that he was trying to climb through. Wapoose told him to stop struggling and that he would end up sliding back easily so that he could go around the crevice. He did so and then ended up falling down on the ground at the bottom weary with exhaustion. Wapoose waited for him and then they continued on the easier but longer path that she had discovered.
"The Animal People Choose A Leader" - Visual Map
The horse, the buffalo, the cougar, and the wolverine all boasted that they would win. Finally, the eagle asked if anyone else wanted to join. "I would," said Wapoose the rabbit. The race was started with Horse in the lead and Wapoose in the rear.
Soon, they came upon Horse who was caught in the bushes. Wapoose told him that if he pushed one branch at a time, it would be easier to push and he would be able to get out. Then she and Wolverine made a path through the bushes for horse to go through. He then continued on with them too.
They finally came upon Cougar who was lying on a flat rock panting. He was exhausted! Buffalo carried him on his back for a little while as they all continued on together. Then when Buffalo was too tired, Horse took Cougar onto his back. Even Wolverine got too tired so Buffalo put him on his back. They all crossed the finish line together.
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