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School rules and sanctions

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simon larsen

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of School rules and sanctions

School rules and sanctions By law? In Denmark you must get 10 years of education. You can go to a public school, a private school or you can get home schooling. The person that teaches you if you get home schooling doesn't have to have any special education. The only requirement is that the education have to be at the same level as in a normal school. Most students go to a public school. School culture? In Denmark we call our teachers by their first name.
If we want to say something we have to put our hand up. If the teacher says your name you can say almost what you want. You're not allowed to talk if the teacher hasen't given you permission. Many students do it anyway. If you answer a question, the teacher will most likely not say anything to you if you didn't put your hand up. Own school rules and sanctions At our school you may not go out of the school area without permission from a teacher. the sanction if you leave the school area is a tour with the head teacher and if that doesn't help your parents get involved.
You cannot smoke at the school because of the other students and the law. If you get busted the principal will talk to your parents. The teachers aren't allowed to smoke at the school either.
You may not bully other students. The principal made that rule because often it was a group of boys that had one victim.The students have to talk to a teacher if they bully someone. If it's bad enough the school will contact your parents.

We don't have a detention class. Historically? The first school in Denmark was established in 1814. The parliament has big influence on the Danish school. Ever since 1937 the education in Denmark has been free.

In the old days the teachers had the right to punish the pupil physical by hitting them or slapping with a ruler.

In 2006 we started with the 7-point-scale. Before that we have 13 different grades. The scale was changed because the 13-scale were too incomparable with the international ECTS-scale. Student-teacher relations We call the teachers their first name. We can make fun of the teachers and they can make fun of us. We all understand when it is just for fun and none of us gets mad.
Many of the teachers are willing to discuss with students if they are dissatisfied with something, but not always.
The teachers have to treat the information confidentially and you can say to them what you want. Cell phones and other electronics. During class it is not allowed to use cell phones or other electronics without the teacher's permission. If you use your electronics without permission the teacher takes it and you will not get it back before your parents have picked it up for you. But mostly the teacher just puts the phone on his/her desk and you will get it back after class.
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