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Folk Art Lesson 3: Found Art

No description

Discovery Art

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Folk Art Lesson 3: Found Art

Folk Art
Folk Art: self-taught art
outsider art
working class art
naive art
Opposite of fine art
Have you ever found an interesting object, picked it up, and saved it?
Has anyone used it in a piece of artwork?
What have you collected?
Some artists create art using everyday objects, whatever is handy and available.
We call this



Have you ever seen a house made of bottles?
If you travel to Imlay, Nevada, you can visit
Thunder Mountain Monument
. This roadside park is filled with folk art and architectural oddities. It was created by Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder.
In California,
Bottle Village
was made from recycled items and trash from the local landfill.
Tressa Prisbrey built 33 structures using over one million bottles. She also used car headlights, flourescent tubes, and TV sets!
Many artists have experimented with creating art from recycled materials or trash.
"One man's trash is another man's treasure."
Michael Albert is best known for collages made from cereal boxes.
The Pledge of Allegiance
by Michael Albert
Michael Albert
Do you recognize these cereals?
A collage is an artwork created by pasting materials on a single surface.
is a sculpture made from miscellaneous objects.

Artists gather objects and combine them in a new way to communicate an idea.
The artist Robert Rauschenberg worked
with both methods.
Let's check out his work . . .
Rauschenberg would pick up trash and found objects while walking the streets in New York City and use them in his artwork.
Coca Cola Plan
Found art often crossed over into modern art.
Do you like his artwork?
What items do
you recognize?
One artist created sculptures out of chicken and turkey bones.
The American Folk Art Museum in New York City displays various works of found art.
These figures are made out of bottle caps.
All of these artists used everyday objects and arranged them in a different way to communicate an idea or a
Sometimes, it is easy to understand what feeling or idea an artist is trying to express, but other times it can be confusing! Sometimes the title of the artwork gives us a clue about what the artist was thinking.
First Landing Jump
First Landing Jump
First Landing Jump
is about the motion of
a parachute jump according to the gallery label at MoMa (Museum of Modern Art).
Project Time
Found Art Collages
First, you will gather materials for your collage, either from your own collection or from what is provided.
Think about what idea or feeling you want to express in your collage.
favorite activities
the seasons
You need your glue, scissors, and a black marker.
On your piece of paper, arrange your items to create a collage.
Choose items that help you express your idea.
You can overlap items, layer, and even have items hang off the edges.
Be careful not to use too much glue!
Then somewhere on your artwork, leave space to write the title of your collage and your name. Ask for help with spelling (if needed) before you write it down.
Think of a title for your collage.
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