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Maasai People

how they live

Phoebe King

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Maasai People

1o things you didnt
know about the
The Maasai.com
Google images
The Maasai Tribe!!!!!:D
BY: Phoebe King!!!!!
Fun Facts
The End
The Maasai Arrive
Actually the Maasai originated from near the Nile Valley (Egypt) and migrated down to the Great Rift in Tanzania and then back to Kenya in the fifteenth or sixteenth century.The Maasai are divided into a number of clans and sections, some of which occupy the Mara region (Tanzania) and others all over west Africa.
The Maasai were known mostly as fierce warriors and were not the resilient type.They used spears, clubs, rocks, and shields to defend them selves in needs be.Their art work on the weapons is also very detailed and unique.
Windows 8
The Maasai tribe
Maasai spears

The Masai depend on their cattle for many parts of their life:

They drink cow's milk and blood as a sacred drink
They use the cows' dung to cover and seal their homes.

Dancing and music is very common among the Maasai tribes all over Kenya.
Famous Massai Sheild
Historical Backround
Collapse of civilization
Land destruction
Food loss
Land Modernization
About 3600 last counted : 2011
tea / coffee
ginger,/ rice /wheat,/ sweet potatoes,/ sugar cane,/ bananas,/ fish/, pineapples /tropical fruits,/ highland vegetables,/ fresh beef and lamb, every kind of seafood, wine and beer, maize, millet, sunflowers, cotton and tabacco.
caution: Most food in Kenya are not grown with pesticides
Maasai people only wear red cloth for everything
Are the highest jumpers in the world
Never kill cattle without a ceremony

Chauncey Billups: famous NBA players and is half Maasai
Tools / Culture
Most tools the Maasai people used were either made from animal bone or wood
and rocks.
Maasai herding Cattle
what colour do the Maasai people always wear for everyday?
True or False :
The Maasai people originated in Mali?
Do the Maasai people drink cows blood?
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