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Success Factors of Voyages 2000

No description

Khouloud Ben Jazia

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Success Factors of Voyages 2000

Success factors of Voyages 2000
Prepared by:
Khouloud Ben Jazia
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi

General Overview of "Voyages 2000"
Work Experience and Learning Outcomes
Primary Research

It was established in 1964
It was founded by Omran Amouri
It belongs to the type A
It is located in a strategic place

The Main Activities
It works as an intermediary between local and foreign tour operators
Sells accommodations for individuals and groups
Organizes excursions and business events
Guaranties the transport
Rents cars

Work Experience and Learning Outcomes
Primary Research
"Voyages 2000" performance has increased after the revolution and still survives despite of the recent events of Bardo.
Thanks to:
the various promotions
high service quality
its position in the market
having a highly skilled and professional staff
This affected positively the customer attraction

Work Experience
Reservation Department
Transport Department
Accountancy Department

Learning Outcomes
Business to Business
The importance of exchanging information between local and foreign tour operators.
Business to Customer
The importance of customer satisfaction :
+how to be patient
+having a good communication and intellectual skills to solve problems
+how to react gently with the customers
+how to be sociable

When we use formal/informal e-mails
How to answer calls

IT skills
How to use SIGMA TOURS
How long have you been working in Voyages 2000?
Did you experience any other travel agencies before? If yes how many years?
What are the main features that you like especially in this company?
What are the effective strategies that "Voyages 2000" has applied to survive and face the difficult stages after the revolution?
Employees answered different answers and are agreed on the following points:
They have a long experience in tourism sector and especially in Voyages 2000.
They are a professional staff and have a good working atmosphere.
Voyages 2000 has an important position in the local and international market and offers a good service quality.
The interviewee asserted that Voyages 2000 is a successful company thanks to:
its position in the local and international market
its good services
having a good relationship with foreign tour operators
its business strategies
its qualified staff and teamwork spirit
Employees should be punctual.
Voyages 2000 should increase the capacity of Internet.
Try to connect with the social media.
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