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The Battle of Long Island

Links: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvz1mhGxtrQ http://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/battle-of-long-island

Ezra paul

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of The Battle of Long Island

Battle of Long Island
What is it known as

The Battle of long Island is also known as the Battle of Brooklyn and the Battle Brooklyn Heights
Boston to New York
In the first stage of the war, the british Army was trapped in the city of Boston and they left it abandoned in March 17. Washington left Boston on April 4, and arrived at New York on April 13.

Before the war
New York Provincial

Invasion on long island
American Strategy
British Strategy
Conclusion of the Battle of Long Island
Washington marched 19,000 soldiers to Lower Manhattan to strengthen the batteries that were stationed there. He hoped there was enough strength in their forces to overpower Britain.

The New York Provincial began recruiting men on July 12, 1776. But man power was low and the numbers did not look in Washington's favor.
In early June, 400 British ships and
32,000 soldiers commanded by General William Howe arrived at Staten Island.

British American
General Howe George Washington
Army size
30,000 10,000
Rifles Musket
large army, more aware of
trained solders, access to land and had
equipment and weapons. patriotism
trained and disciplined Have a great

At 5:10 on August 22, an advance guard of 4,000 British troops left Staten Island under the command of Clinton and Cornwallis.
As of the American side, there were 312 killed and 1,407 wounded, captured or missing. As for the british there were 63 killed and 314 missing or wounded.
The most accurate legacy of

the battle of long island that it showed that there would be no easy victory and that the war would be long and bloody. Some commemorations of the battle include the Old Stone House and Prospect Park.
Thanks for watching

While soldiers were transported to Staten Island, Howe fended off American batteries. Loyalists gave Howe info about an unguarded pass which allowed him to take advantage. They hid between forces on Guan and the main force on Brooklyn heights. On the 27Th they fired at bewildered American troops
Washington made sure to fortify all around New York due to its strategic & symbolic importance. Washington decided to defend the city instead of attack the British head-on.
The conclusion of the battle of long island. Though the Americans have lost the battle, the British were stunned that George Washington had escaped.
He did have lot of disadvantages in the battle, however his daring retreat has been seen as a great feat in the military

Link for video:
Link for second video
The patriots escaped without Howe knowing so. The plan was concealed so the red coats had no idea where they were going. Most patriots were not told either so they followed Washington unaware of why. Washington got everyone off the shore via boats.
lol u found me xD
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