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Introduction to ArcGIS APIs for Developers

This session will provide developers with an orientation regarding existing APIs for desktop, server, web, and mobile.

Marko Apfel

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to ArcGIS APIs for Developers

ArcGIS Platform ArcGIS
for Server Browser
for Mobile ArcGIS
for Desktop Geo-
Database SOEs Standard
Services Admin
Services ArcObjects
SDK .NET ArcObjects
for JavaScript ArcGIS API
for Flex ArcGIS API
for Silverlight ArcGIS API
for ADF Java ArcSDE
SDK C File
API ArcObjects
SDK Java ArcObjects
SDK .NET ArcObjects
SDK Java ArcObjects
for WPF ArcGIS
Desktop ArcGIS
Runtime ArcGIS
Desktop ArcGIS
Engine ArcGIS for
Win Mobile ArcGIS for SmartPhones ArcPad ArcGIS
for WPF ArcGIS
for Java Geoprocessing Customizing Python
ArcPy ModelBuilder toolbox
arcpy.ga GIS-Scripting-
Environment Why?
.. Productive! Expressive Syntax
Scripting, REPL When? Data
Conversion Map
Automation Server
Processing Desktop
Add-Ins How? Python 2.7 & ArcPy
Python Window
PythonWin, PyDev
arcpy.mapping, arcpy.da, .. ArcObjects
SDK .NET ArcObjects
Assemblies Add-in COM ArcGIS
Runtime Mobile
for Win SDK ArcGIS
Runtime Mobile for Win Mobile SDK ArcGIS
Runtime SDK
for iOS ArcGIS
Runtime SDK
for Win Phone ArcGIS
Runtime SDK
for Android ArcGIS
Technology Stack UI and functionality GIS-App from scratch
Embed GIS in Apps Mapping Platform for
Your Organization free GIS viewer
broad audience
explore, visualize, and share
data, services, processing
online, local data, 3D
portable files, easy to share Configuration
UI and functionality

ArcGIS Explorer SDK
Create Add-ins via VS
good help Buttons
Content Menus Toolbars
Tool Palettes
Dockable Windows
Editor Extensions ArcGIS lets you create maps for any application:
Maps for presenting information
Cartographic publications for printing
Maps for analysis and decision making
Maps designed for editing, collecting, and updating data
Real-time maps for situational awareness: Dashboard
Dynamic, time-based maps
Mobile maps
3D maps for visualization and analysis
And much more ArcGIS Solution
Templates ArcObjects .NET, Java, VC++, Cross-platform C++
1000s of classes, interfaces, methods
10+ controls

Embeddable and Extensible GIS Components C++ API
.NET wrapper
Mac ArcGIS as a developer's toolbox Many clients iPhone Android Win Phone ArcGIS Web APIs ArcGIS Explorer ArcGIS Runtime APIs ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Desktop Google Earth Open Street Map OpenLayers .NET Java Python Silverlight Ruby PHP JavaScript Architecture Capabilities Map Extents Editing Query Graphics Symbols Geometries Geoprocessing GraphicsLayer Time-awareness FeatureLayers Routing queryTask.execute(query,queryTaskComplete,queryTaskError); queryTask.ExecuteCompleted += QueryTask_ExecuteCompleted; queryTask.execute(query, new AsyncResponder(onResult, onFault)); Operation Layer
Tax Parcel Boundaries Operation Layer
Tax Parcel Data Tiled Imagery Layer
Basemap Power of Integration Native developer toolkit
Build focused mapping applications
Embed ArcGIS in to existing apps
Leverage the ArcGIS system
Designed for touch-screen phones
One handed use C#/Silverlight API
Visual Studio 2010 Integration

ArcGIS for WindowsPhone on Marketplace Native Objective C/Cocoa API

ArcGIS for iOS on iTunes Native Java API
Eclipse IDE - Win, Mac, Linux

ArcGIS for Android on Google Play NET API (C#, VB.NET, WPF)
Windows Mobile (notebooks/tablets)
Pocket PC/.NET Compact Framework
Connected or Disconnected .NET and XML based
Windows Mobile
High accuracy
Field data collection
Disconnected Use Considerations Touch-based workflows OS Versions Various Screens Connectivity Battery life Slower CPU Memory constraints Key facts Easy to Deploy
Fast Display
Small Footprint
Native APIs
Async prog pattern Help & Ressources forums.arcgis.com blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis video.arcgis.com What? When? How? ArcGIS
Online What? Ready to Use
Cloud-based GIS
Data, Maps & Apps Local Government
State Government
Environment What is there?
What can I do with it?
What resources are available?
Where is the community?
How do I get started? Mission Are you a GIS pro?
new to dev?
Are you an experienced developer
new to ArcGIS?
Are you a Project Lead? How? What? When? The professional GIS workstation Copy into well-known location
(local or network) XCopy-Deployment non-ArcObjects based
e.g. open fGDB tables in non-Esri Apps to view or modify data
access to the low-level fGDB file I/O modules

targeted for advanced developers who require access to the fGDB without an ArcObjects license for purposes of interoperability

does not replace ArcObjects as the recommended approach to interacting with the geodatabase The C++ API allows developers to:
Create new geodatabases
Read the schema of the geodatabase
Create schema for objects within the simple feature model
Read and write data in the geodatabase
Perform attribute and (limited) spatial queries on datasets What? New Developer Product
Easy to Deploy
Fast Display
Small Footprint
Native APIs
Async prog pattern What? Annual Subscription
Standard or Advanced

Developer license
ArcGIS platform
products, extensions
desktop, server, web, mobile
full functionality - it's everything

Design, prototype, test, build
Defer production costs until deployment IDE: Visual Studio Express (free!)
ArcGIS for Windows Phone: resources.arcgis.com
Online Resources/Community: App Hub
Misc: Mobile device for testing Getting Started with Windows Phone IDE: Eclipse
ArcGIS API for Android: resources.arcigs.com
Online Resources: developer.android.com
Community: developer.android.com
Misc: Mobile device for testing! Getting Started with Android IDE, SDK: Xcode 4 + iOS 6 SDK
ArcGIS API for iOS: resources.arcgis.com
Online Resources: iOS Developer Library
Community: developer.apple.com
Misc: Mobile device for testing Getting Started with iOS IDE: Visual Studio Express (free!)
ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight: help.arcgis.com
Silverlight SDK: silverlight.net/getting started
Online Resources : MSDN.microsoft.com
Community: silverlight.net/community Getting Started with Silverlight (Web) IDE (free!): Notepad++, Aptana
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: resources.arcgis.com
Online Resources : dojotoolkit.org
Tutorials: w3schools.com
Community: dojotoolkit.org/community Getting Started with JavaScript IDE: Flash Builder
ArcGIS API for Flex: resources.arcgis.com
Flash Player (debug): Flash Player Support Center
Online Resources: help.adobe.com
Training: Flex.org, Adobe Video Training
Community: actionscript.org Getting Started With Adobe Flex What? Discover thousands of free maps, datasets, and tools
Create maps and apps
Share your maps and apps
Manage your maps, apps, and data
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