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Can animals understand humans?

No description

Madison Scivally

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Can animals understand humans?

Can animals understand humans?
Can animals mimic humans?
Animals are capable of lots of things. They are intelligent in their ways of communication. Animals can mimic human speech and actions along with their own kind. They are very helpful and beneficial to us and help us with a variety of things.
By: Madi Scivally A-2
How do animals benefit humans?
"Us humans along with certain birds
and non-human primates imitate
individuals of their own kind"
(Dogs Automatically Imitate People).
Animals can mimic human speech and
actions. They also mimic their own
species actions. They do this for
many reasons.
Animals are very beneficial to us.
As humans we train animals to do
specific tasks for us. Narwhals help
us document the waters. They dive
more than a mile deep equipped with
small satellites and thermometers.
In former war zones specially trained
rats sniff out undetonated land
mines (mnn.com).
Animals from small to big to marine
to mammals help us everyday. We
have animals that help us with
scientific discoveries, and ones that
help us do everyday chores.
How do animals communicate?
Although animals can't speak like us they
have their own ways of communicating.
"Whale song, wolf howls, frog croaks,
bird chips -- even the waggle dance of
the honeybee or the vigorous waving of a
dog's tail -- are among the panoply of
ways animals transmit information to
each other and to other denizens of the
animal kingdom"(Jessika Toothman).
Every species has their own "Language"
Background info
Animals are amazing and intelligent creatures. There are millions of animals all around the world. There are birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, fish, and amphibians. We use animals for many things, such as, scientific discovery, entertainment, to assist the disabled, etc.

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