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The Surveillance State

No description

Kasper Rasmussen

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The Surveillance State

What is the surveillance state?
The Surveillance State

Snowden and PRISM
- Traitor or Patriot
Secrecy, surveillance, liberty
The Surveillance State
CIA family jewels

Church Committee revelations

Echelon - 1970s to 1990s

Carnivore, NarusInsight, Magic Lantern in the 1990s

Trailblazer, Ragtime and PRISM after 9/11
Akin to the national security state

In order to protect American civil liberties in general, it is important to monitor suspicious activities

Because the threat can be everywhere, everything must be monitored
Is Surveillance Warranted?
The future of liberal democracy
The toothpaste is out of the tube
Snowden and PRISM
Relationship between surveillance, security and civil liberties
Age 30

Contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton with the NSA

Supplied The Guardian and the Washington Post with information about massive surveillance programs targeting American and international citizens in the spring of 2013

Went into hiding, first Hong Kong then Moscow

Charged with espionage against the United States
FISC - easy to obtain permission to investigate citizens' electronic records - over 33,000 requests granted since 1978
Verizon-case was the beginning of the leaks - published on 5 June by the Guardian
FISA amendment in 2008
Congressional intelligence committees provide oversight
We engage in self-surveillance on Facebook, Twitter and other media
How will the future look?
4th Amendment to the Constitution
No terrorist attack on the US since 9/11

Industrial espionage has been stopped
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