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IE (I) Karate Do, My lifestyle

No description

Javier F Gonzalez M

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of IE (I) Karate Do, My lifestyle

By Javier Gonzalez Karate Do
My Lifestyle The Way of the Empty Hand I HAVE TRAINED KARATE SINCE I WAS ELEVEN YEARS OLD AND IS A VERY IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN MY LIFE With Karate I learned that even the person who is considered weak and smaller, has great things to teach. (Even as CEO of a large company should value highly each team member) I have learned the importance of teamwork, the support of my instructor and peers in the hardest moments. (I will always be willing to work together, keep my mind open to the advice and giving my support to others) I learned that there are no limitations other than those that are in my mind, I must work every day to overcome (acknowledge my limitations to overcome, be better person and a better professional) I have got victories, medals and tournaments won, but in the end I realized that the most valuable was the road I traveled to get them (I will act in my life and my profession with integrity and honesty, leaving to the last drop of my efforts to achieve my goals. I learned to teach and support those who come behind me, to be an example with my actions. (I will exercise responsible leadership, understanding that if it improves my team the benefit will be for everyone).
I also had to get many hits, but I learned to see each one as an opportunity to improve and grow, not to make the same mistakes and be better every day (always seek excellence in my actions and my decisions, understand that every hard moment is a time for learning) AND.. IN THE END, I'LL BE SATISFIED OF REACHING THE GOAL! KARATE DO
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